Holiday Wine Pairing 101

The holidays are in full swing and so are scales everywhere. It’s hard to say no to seasonal staples like prime rib, glazed ham, and pie. To be fair, stuffing your face is also the surest way to avoid having to answer any intrusive questions at all those family dinners. “Are you seeing anyone?” I’d love to tell you, but it’s hard to talk with a mouthful of potato latke. And you’re definitely going to need some liquid assistance to wash it all down– the food and the company. Here’s a definitive wine pairing guide to get you through all those courses and conversations.

Hors’ d’oeuvres
Even if you’re not feeling bubbly, you can at least drink it. Compliment that cheese board and pre-meal nosh with La Marca Prosecco.  It’s fruity (think apples and stone fruit) and just sweet enough to round out pretty much any type of cheese or savory snack. And the fizz is sure to set the night off on a festive foot.

Soup and salad
You still want to keep things light. It’s still early, and Dad hasn’t started talking about politics yet. A citrusy white, like Bogle Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc offers a subtle and refreshing accompaniment to rich pumpkin soup or an herbaceous salad with a tangy vinaigrette.

If there’s ever a place to carb load, it’s in front of your nearest and dearest who won’t judge you for unbuttoning your pants at the table. For red sauces and ragouts, Tisdale Cabernet Sauvignon offers some sweet berry notes and a medium body that won’t be too heavy on the palette. For a white seafood pasta or a butternut squash ravioli, Gnarly Head Pinot Grigio offers a nice balance of sweetness and zest.

Main course meats
By now, your second cousin who you only see twice a year is telling you why he’s voting for Trump. Thank god you’ve got something substantial to chew on; just be careful to only use your steak knife on that prime rib. If red meat is on the menu, Naked Grape Malbec delivers a flavorful punch of fruit and spice that will distract you from anything other than the culinary goodness in your mouth.  For that glazed ham or oven-roasted turkey, go for the slightly less spicy but equally bold Woodwork Pinot Noir.

Sure you could drink coffee, but now Aunt Edna is trying to set you up with someone she met at her podiatrist’s office. Best to stay on the booze cruise. Pair your favorite fruit pie with Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Like La Marca, it’s got a lot of fruity notes, but with a crisp minerality that won’t weigh you down, so you can make room for another slice of pie.


Looking to pair your holiday dinners with something other than wine? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Cheers 😉

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