A Quick Note About Prosecco on Tap

Many people might argue against fining an establishment for simply pouring a drink the “wrong way” or that it might be going a little far to even try and pursue legal action, but that is exactly what fuming Italians are looking to do with British pubs serving prosecco out of a tap. According to the Consortium of Italian winemakers, the “sale of sparkling wine on tap in Britain is illegal under EU rules.” With the growing trend of British pubs and wine bars serving the popular sparkling wine out of a tap instead of a bottle, many Italians have already created enough backlash to prompt the government to take action and prosecute British establishments for fraud and slap them with a fine.

Having never tasted prosecco out of a tap, I cannot wholeheartedly advise against it, but tradition is tradition for a reason. Those unfamiliar with the sparkling drink might compare it to a sweet glass of champagne, and if the thought of champagne on tap delights you. It should. The convenience of being able to pour a glass of prosecco without having to buy the whole bottle might even be reason to celebrate, given that when purchased in bulk, one would assume it boosts the Italian economy. However, being that Britain are the “world’s largest importer of prosecco” the real reason Italian prosecco drinkers might be feeling threatened has to do with the prosecco industry and the culture from which it’s roots hold steadfast and unapologetically traditional, being dislocated from it’s point of origin.

Prosecco4The threat is arguably so real in fact that Michele Anzaldi, an Italian MP, was quoted telling The Telegraph, “the government will act immediately, in conjunction with the EU, against the United Kingdom and the incorrect serving of prosecco in British pubs.”

It might seem the matter at hand is a cultural misunderstanding or perhaps what is in question is the framing, or serving of an artistic expression as sipped with a glass of prosecco versus the mechanical spilling of it. Either way you want to look at it the question of tradition should not be overlooked. It should at least be worth noting that preservation of culture and economy will always be held close and dear to any producer of any country, which produces a finely crafted and meticulously cared for product that brings pleasure to all of those who enjoy it.

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