Bartesian Cocktail Machine

We’ve come a long way since the drip coffee maker. If you walk into any electronic store, or even office supply store you wont have a problem finding a myriad of coffee makers, espresso makers, brewing systems, coffee syphons, capsule coffee machines, cappuccino makers…you get the idea. There are about as many machines  that create your favorite morning drink within seconds. One thing people love is the ability to get the same café experience they get around the corner in the comfort of their kitchen.

Well…how about a cocktail?


Bartesian is a revolutionary machine that does exactly that: mixes the perfect cocktail in just under a few seconds. Simply insert your desired capsule and select the strength of your drink. Try doing that with your high end bartender…er, excuse me…mixologist. Officially launching with “six favorites to start, three classics and three signatures” Bartesian is set to revolutionize the way you host parties, or any cocktail infused event. As an added bonus all early Kickstarter backers will be given the opportunity to choose future drinks and help mold the future of Bartesian cocktail menus.

Pretty cool, no?


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