Hôtel Americano

Designed by award-winning architect Enrique NortenHôtel Americano is a jewel amongst its New York neighbors. Aimed to reflect Latin, French and Japanese design Hôtel Americano also incorporates an aura of influence from the art galleries which surround it. The sleek, uber modern interiors are both welcoming and provide a semblance of solitude from the streets outside. Whether you are interested in grabbing a bite to eat, relaxing with a good book, or grabbing a drink from the amazing bar, Hôtel Americano combines a bit of public and open space, while providing something for all tastes and lifestyles.

Hôtel Americano_Saucey_3

The importance of marrying the contemporary with the old world is what makes this place a destination to be experienced and absorbed. From sweeping views to an emphasis on guest privacy, consider Hôtel Americano a home away from home.

Hôtel Americano_Saucey_7


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