7 Holiday Drinking Games To Get You Drunk This Christmas

The perfect diversion from questions about your personal life.

Nothing says “holiday cheer” quite like sitting around enjoying board games with your extended family members. Nothing says “holiday survival” quite like the need to incorporate alcohol into the mix.

Put away those dominos (it’s okay, grandma won’t mind) and trade them in for some real family fun: drinking games. Here’s our rundown of seven fun-filled and booze drenched holiday drinking games that are the perfect diversion from questions about your personal life.


The Game: Jingle Shots

What You’ll Need: Candy Cane Shots (see below) and musically literate friends/family members

The Rules: Sitting around a table, mix up each player three or four Candy Cane Shots. One player starts by singing the line of their favorite Christmas song, the player to the left must sing the next line and the player to their left the third line, until someone inevitably screws up or doesn’t know the words. The one who flubs the line must take one of their Candy Cane Shots and immediately begin with their favorite Christmas song, all players participate until they are out of shots and then become eliminated until one caroler reigns supreme…and should probably take their shots anyway.

Candy Cane Shots

1 part Rumple Minze
1 part whipping cream
Rose’s Grenadine

Line up your Lil Red’s Plastic Shot Glasses and fill them nearly to the top with Rumple Minze, add a splash of cream and top with Rose’s Grenadine. The shots can be shaken with ice and strained from a mixer if only a few people are playing.


The Game: The Christmas Vacation Drinking Game

What You’ll Need: The best Christmas movie ever, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and a 30 pack of Budweiser

The Rules:
1. Drink every time Ellen calls Clark “Sparky”
2. Drink whenever someone is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater
3. Drink whenever Audrey Griswold rolls her eyes or acts like a bratty teenager
4. Drink whenever someone mentions Clark’s Christmas bonus or the swimming pool or Clark has a vision of it.
5. Drink any time Clark makes “crazy eyes” or says/does something crude (“Bend over and I’ll show ya…”)
6. Drink whenever Clark is wearing sports-themed clothing.
7. Drink any time someone refers to Rusty as “Rus.” Take two drinks if they have to yell it. (“I’m right here dad”)
8. Dring twice every time an advent calendar door is opened.
9. Drink any time Todd and Margot are irriatated with Clark or he destroys something they own.
10. Drink any time someone or an animal messes with the Christmas tree.

Finish your entire beer:
– After Rusty busts Clark at the department store counter with Mary showing off her thong.
– During Aunt Bethany’s Pledge of Alligance
– When Clark finally gets his Christmas Bonus after Cousin Eddie kidnaps Frank Shirley.


The Game: Christmas Facebook Roulette

What You’ll Need: The Facebook App and a handle of Fireball

The Rules: Gather up your willing participants, cousins, parents, siblings, etc. Make sure everyone has the Facebook App on their phone and are all logged in and ready to go. The rules below apply to the top post on your newsfeed. Set a timer for every thirty minutes and when the timer goes off have all players check the top posts on their newsfeed, proceed to shoot Fireball as the following rules dictate:

YOU take a shot of Fireball if your first newfeed post include any of the following:
– A couple you know wearing ~wacky~ Christmas sweaters
– Someone’s baby dressed up as something Christmas themed
– A picture of someone’s Christmas tree
– A status detailing a very public “THANK YOU” for presents received
– Someone condecendingly reminding everyone of the “true meaning of Christmas”
– A lineup photo of someone’s family you’ve never met and don’t care about
– A group shot of people from your hometown that still get together to drink on Christmas Eve
– A picture of the spread of festive food someone is about to enjoy
– A half-assed “Merry Christmas” status that no one has liked
– A selfie from someone’s Christmas getaway vacation
– Someone bragging about volunteer work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
– Someone has changed their profile picture to a Christmas photo
– Someone posts a Christmas meme and it’s actually funny

EVERYONE takes a shot of Fireball if your first newfeed post include any of the following:
– Someone gets engaged
– Someone gets a puppy
– Someone gets a new car
– Someone uses the word “BLESSED” in a status, two shots if it’s #blessed.


The Game: Get Buzzed with Buddy the Elf

What You’ll Need: Maple Syrup Shots (see below) and Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple Cider

The Rules: Pop in Elf and have your supplies on hand.

Take a sip of cider every time:
– Buddy mentions “Christmas cheer”
– Buddy says “Santa”
– Buddy eats candy
– Buddy talks to an claymation character
– People look at Buddy like he’s insane
– Buddy mentions the North Pole
– We see the Gimbles sign
– Walter does something coal-worthy
– Buddy decorates something for Christmas
– Walter gets frustrated with Buddy
– Someone is refered to as a “cotton headed ninny muggins”

Take a Maple Syrup Shot when:
– Maple Syrup appears on screen
– Buddy gets drunk
– Buddy buys his dad lingerie
– Peter Dinklage shows up

Maple Syrup Shots

½ shot Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum
½ shot butterscotch schnapps
Combine both ingredients into your Lil Red’s Plastic Shot Glasses and keep ‘em coming, but make ‘em small so everyone lasts until the end of the movie.


The Game: The Alphabet Game: Christmas Edition

What You’ll Need: Golden Road Gingerbread Stout

The Rules: This one works like the regular Alphabet Game, each player is tasked with coming up with a word associated with the letter of the alphabet that has landed on them in rotation, except now the words must relate to Christmas! So the first letter must be either an object, title, saying, person or character associated with Christmas. “A” could be Archangel Gabriel, “B” for Blue Christmas, “C” for chestnuts roasting on an open fire, etc. Take a sip everytime a player comes up with a creative letter association, and if a player cannot come up with a letter association after a couple seconds, they must finish their beer outside of the rotation before coming back in to play.


The Game: Buzzfeed’s Santa’s Cup Ultimate Drinking Game

What You’ll Need: A large cup/glass (Santa’s Cup), Standard Deck of Cards and your choice of beverage.

The Rules:
1. Place “Santa’s Cup” in the middle of a table.
2. Shuffle cards and organize the cards into a circle surrounding Santa’s Cup. (Cards should be touching each other in a continuous circle).
3. Select a player to start, however you want to.
4. The starting player picks a card and shares it with the other players. The cardholder/ everyone proceeds to take action according to the rules of the drawn card.
5. Continue to play the game in a clock-wise direction until the final King is drawn and Santa’s Cup has been chugged.
Card Rules:

Ace: Avalanche (Everyone chug! The person to the right of the cardholder can’t stop drinking until the cardholder does…and so on all around the circle.)
Two: Christmas Shoes (Pick some poor, needy player to drink. It’s Christmas Eve, and this drink is just their size!)
Three: What Christmas Means To Me ( It means you drink.)
Four: Four is for Ho-Ho-Hos (Ladies be drankin’.)
Five: Christmas Party (Everyone drinks and switches seats.)
Six: Saint Nick’s Peppermint Sticks (Boys be drankin’.)
Seven: Secret Santa (The player who picks the card chooses another player to be their secret santa. This means when one of them drinks they both drink for the rest of the game.)
Eight: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Everyone must make antlers. The last person to make antlers is now “Rudolph!” until another 8 is drawn. At any time, any player may yell “Rudolph with your nose so bright, wont you take a drink tonight!” and Rudolph must drink.)
Nine: Holiday Rhymes (Cardholder picks a Christmas/ holiday/ winter related word and each subsequent player must rhyme until you can’t no mo’.)
Ten: Holiday Categories (Cardholder chooses a Christmas themed category. Everyone goes around and says something that fits in the category until you blank.)
The Elf (Jack): Making a List (Everybody puts up 3 fingers. Cardholder starts “Never Have I Ever.” The first person with all of their fingers down loses and has to drink.)
Mrs. Claus (Queen): Naughty or Nice? (Cardholder starts by asking anyone a question. This player then asks anyone else a question, and so on until someone fails to ask a question.)
Santa Claus (King): I’m Telling You Why (Cardholder gets to make a rule. The rule must always be followed until another King is drawn and the rule is replaced. If you break the rule, you drink. The first 3 people who pick a King have to pour some of their drink into the cup in the middle. Whoever picks the last King ends the game. This person has to chug whatever is in the Kings Cup.)


The Game: Prancer Pong

What You’ll Need: Saucey’s Beer Pong Starter Kit, extra plastic cups, a 30-pack of Miller Lite, Christmas Cookie Shots (see below), and a card table or dining room table.

The Rules: All of the regular rules of beer pong apply, but instead of racking the cups in a triangle formation they should make the shape of a Christmas tree. Using the blue cups from Saucey’s Beer Pong Starter Kit, place them in a few spots in your Christmas tree rack and fill them with Christmas Cookie Shots, as if they are the “ornaments” of the tree. Be sure to choose your Pong-mate wisely!

Christmas Cookie Shots

1 oz Rumple Minze
½ oz Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur


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