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On tap this week: Guinness, a brand steeped in heritage and embraced worldwide. Today, we’re toasting the legacy that began with Arthur Guinness at the famed St. James’s Gate Brewery.

The Story of Guinness

In 1759, in the heart of Dublin, Arthur Guinness started a brewing revolution. With a substantial inheritance, he didn’t just rent a brewery; he secured a 9,000-year lease, marking the birth of an icon at St. James’s Gate. What began in a rundown facility blossomed into an empire, stamping Guinness as a synonym for stout.

But the dark, creamy stout we adore today? That wasn’t always the brew flowing from Guinness’s vats. Initially, Arthur crafted pale ales, but a bold pivot in 1799 led to the deep, rich stouts now synonymous with the brand. This shift was embodied in the West Indies Porter, now known as the Foreign Extra Stout, a recipe that has endured since 1801, showcasing Guinness’s knack for timeless brews.

Fast forward through centuries, Guinness’s mastery expanded from Dublin’s cobbled streets to nearly every corner of the planet. It’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the universal language of quality beer.

Interestingly, while many associate Guinness with its Draught Stout, the brewery’s history was built on different foundations. The Foreign Extra Stout, beloved globally, is a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy, its ability to adapt, evolve, and continue to captivate beer enthusiasts everywhere.

Today, St. James’s Gate stands not just as a brewery, but as a monument to Irish spirit and ingenuity, a beacon for beer lovers, and a testament to a family’s vision that transformed a local brewery into an international symbol of camaraderie and craftsmanship.

So here’s to Guinness – a brew that’s much more than a beer. It’s a rich, pouring history, filled with character, culture, and the craft of generations. Cheers to the story that’s still being written, one pint at a time.

Why I Love Guinness Stout

  • It’s the perfect beer for all occasions.
  • The legacy and history of Guinness is unmatched.
  • It’s a bucket list goal of mine to visit St. James’s Gate one day.

Doug Patrick
Growth & Marketing, Saucey

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