Suddenly Summer: 7 Cocktails To Help You Sweat Through It

Whew. That happened fast. Here, have a cocktail.

You know how we’ve had to stay indoors for most of the spring, because of the whole unprecedented-global-pandemic thing? Well, as it turns out, while we’ve all been busy managing disruptions to our normal routines, the sun is out there being extremely normal—shining and being warm and whatnot.

What if you went and spent some time with that sun? Might be nice to reconnect. Especially if you sip on an ice-cold drink at the same time. Post up in the backyard or even a front or back stoop and see how a little vitamin D and one of these classic cocktails treats you.

I’m Staying Salty All Summer

Everyone loves the warm weather until they don’t anymore. A classic margarita can carry you through the emotional rollercoaster that is summer.

Just a Light Lunch

Heat is a known appetite suppressant. You know what always sounds good, though? Gin & tonics with a side of chips.

This Counts as Hydrating, Right?

Drinking soda water technically counts as drinking water. Vodka doesn’t, but that’s OK.

Club Lyfe, Minus The Sweat

You can’t really miss the club if you just get the best parts delivered to your house.

Gimme That Vitamin D(aiquiri)

Listen to what your body wants, you know?

Oops, I Stayed Up All Night

It’s fine! Extended daylight hours are so confusing!

Mule Be Glad You Saucey’d

Because that means you have more time to stand in front of the AC unit.

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  • Liquidz

    Woaaahhh great article tho! Totally loved it!!

  • Liquidz

    Would love to try all this amazing drinks soon.

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