Proud & GLAAD: 6 High-Spirited Drinks For Celebrating Love & Equality For All

Love is love and the world needs more of it.

This is a Pride Month unlike any other. A few weeks ago, it looked as though it would be different because our communities stood together in a fight against a global pandemic. Today, it looks different because our communities are standing together in a fight against the grave racial injustices and police violence against Black people that has resulted in the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others.

While it is an extremely somber moment, we’re grateful for the arrival of Pride Month. We’re grateful that celebrations of love and equality for all will continue to take place, and that they will reinforce the movement to dismantle systemic racism against Black people, especially those within the LGBTQIA+ community. Because as our partners at GLAAD put it: “There can be no Pride if it is not intersectional. We are Together in Pride. Black Lives Matter.”

For the month of June, proceeds from purchases made in our special Pride category will be donated to GLAAD. And here’s the cherry on top: You’ll also receive a special thank-you video gram from the legendary Tina Burner after you place your order. This absolute icon will grace your smartphone screen with a special thank-you for helping raise awareness around issues of racial injustice and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Whether you’re celebrating at home or you’re heading out, we want to wish you a safe and meaningful Pride <3

Proud & Whew-That’s-Loud Punch

We all know “punch” is just code for “I can’t taste any alcohol, here we goooo!”

Toddys & Tiaras

You should see me in a crown, indeed. And after 4 toddys. It’s something.

Love Is Love, Love is Tequila

Can’t fight the truth. Some folks didn’t come to play.

TanquerGay & Tonic

In case you were wondering what the best gin is.

Let’s Get Those Wings, Red Bull

We like ours with extra sparkles and also extra vodka.

Ciroc The Rainbow Every Day

Ooh, a vodka-colored rainbow!

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