Every American Spirit Pack Color, Explained

American Spirit is a brand that stands out for its commitment to natural, additive-free tobacco. Established in 1982, it has garnered a dedicated following among smokers who value not just the quality but also the ethos of the brand.

Whether you’re new to American Spirit or a long-time fan looking to explore the different blends and flavors they offer, our comprehensive guide will break down every American Spirit pack color for you, offering insights into what makes each one unique.

Let’s find your spirit color.

Breakdown of Every American Spirit Pack Color

American Spirit Yellow

Overview: A natural, mellow blend embodying the classic American Spirit.

Details: American Spirit Yellow offers smokers a timeless experience with its blend of natural tobaccos. This cigarette is crafted for those who value the nuances and subtlety in their smoke, staying true to American Spirit’s dedication to natural ingredients and superior craftsmanship.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Yellow: Marlboro Gold provides a similarly balanced, medium-bodied smoking experience.

Average Price: $17-$19 per pack

American Spirit Orange

Overview: Uncompromised smoothness in American Spirit’s authentic style.

Details: American Spirit Orange is a testament to smoother smoking while maintaining the brand’s authentic blend. This cigarette is perfect for smokers who look for a gentler touch but still crave the distinct, natural qualities that define American Spirit.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Orange: Camel Blue matches well for those who enjoy a smoother taste.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

American Spirit Blue

Overview: Authentic and full-bodied for a robust tobacco experience.

Details: American Spirit Blue provides a bold and rich smoking journey with its all-natural tobacco blend. This variant caters to smokers who prefer a strong, full-flavored smoke that aligns with the brand’s commitment to purity and natural ingredients.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Blue: Marlboro Red offers a comparable full-bodied, robust experience.

Average Price: $14-$16 per pack

American Spirit Light Blue

Overview: A lighter rendition of American Spirit’s classic full-bodied flavor.

Details: American Spirit Light Blue captures the essence of the brand’s rich, original blend but in a lighter form. It’s the ideal choice for those who seek a balance between intensity and a smoother smoking experience.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Light Blue: Marlboro Silver is a good alternative for a lighter but high-quality smoke.

Average Price: $15-$18 per pack

American Spirit Dark Blue

Overview: Intensely robust with a focus on pure, unadulterated tobacco taste.

Details: American Spirit Dark Blue offers a deeply satisfying smoking experience, characterized by its rich, full-flavored profile. This cigarette is specifically tailored for those who seek the intense, unfiltered essence of natural tobacco, showcasing the brand’s commitment to flavor-rich and additive-free blends.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Dark Blue: For a similar experience, Marlboro Black might be a fitting choice, offering a strong, flavor-focused smoke.

Average Price: $18-$20 per pack

American Spirit Celadon

Overview: A balanced blend combining the smoothness of lights with the richness of full-flavor.

Details: American Spirit Celadon strikes the perfect balance between the lightness of a mild cigarette and the satisfying depth of a full-flavored smoke. This variety caters to smokers who desire a medium-bodied tobacco experience that doesn’t compromise on the natural, pure taste that American Spirit is known for.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Celadon: Camel Blue might be a good alternative, offering a similarly balanced, medium-bodied taste.

Average Price: $17-$19 per pack

American Spirit Light Green

Overview: A unique blend of organic mint and mellow tobacco.

Details: American Spirit Light Green offers a distinctive, mellow smoking experience with a touch of organic menthol. This blend is perfect for smokers who enjoy a hint of mintiness in their smoke, adding a refreshing layer to the natural tobacco base.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Light Green: Marlboro Smooth might offer a similar refreshing, minty experience.

Average Price: $18-$20 per pack

American Spirit Dark Green

Overview: Bold organic menthol for a full-flavored experience.

Details: American Spirit Dark Green brings a robust, organic menthol flavor that is perfect for those who love a strong, intense menthol smoke. This blend is ideal for aficionados of complex, menthol-rich cigarettes that don’t compromise on organic quality.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Dark Green: Newport provides a more intense, full-bodied menthol flavor.

Average Price: $18-$20 per pack

American Spirit Gold

Overview: Organic simplicity and mellowness in every puff.

Details: American Spirit Gold showcases the brand’s organic credentials in a lighter, smoother blend. This cigarette is an excellent choice for smokers who prioritize organic quality alongside a gentler smoking experience.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Gold: Camel Turkish Gold can be a comparable option for those looking for a mellow, less intense smoking experience.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

American Spirit Turquoise

Overview: Deeply rich and fuller-bodied organic tobacco experience.

Details: The American Spirit Turquoise variant enhances the full-bodied, organic tobacco experience, delving into the rich and robust flavors of natural tobacco. It’s the preferred choice for those who seek an authentic, richer, and more substantial organic smoke.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Turquoise: Natural American Spirit Blue for those desiring a similar organic, full-bodied flavor.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

American Spirit Black

Overview: A rich and luxurious blend, infused with Perique tobacco for depth.

Details: American Spirit Black is a lavish blend, intensifying the smoking experience with the robust flavors of Perique tobacco. This cigarette is crafted for connoisseurs who savor the intricate and potent tastes characteristic of this unique tobacco variety.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Black: Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue for a similarly luxurious and robust flavor profile.

Average Price: $18-$20 per pack

American Spirit Non-Filter

Overview: Unfiltered, pure, and bold – the true aficionado’s choice.

Details: Crafted for those who want the undiluted taste of American Spirit’s premium, additive-free tobacco, this pack delivers an intense, full-flavored experience. It’s the purest form of smoking pleasure, with no barriers between you and the rich, robust tobacco essence.

Cigarettes like American Spirit Non-Filter: Other non-filtered cigarettes are your best bet, especially from brands like Camel and Lucky Strike.

Average Price: $19-$21 per pack

Which American Spirit Cigarettes are the Mildest?

A good rule of thumb for those interested in a milder American Spirit experience? Look for the lighter colored packs. Yellow, light blue, light green, and gold are all great options for people looking for a mild cigarette that doesn’t skimp out on flavor.

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Natural American Spirit cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Please remember that smoking is harmful to your health, and the best option for long-term health is to avoid smoking.

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