American Spirit vs. Newport | Cigarette Brand Comparison

Natural American Spirit or Newport… which cigarettes should you choose? This guide aims to provide insights into the unique qualities of each brand, from their distinct histories to their diverse product ranges, helping smokers understand what sets these two popular choices apart.

Brand History and Image

American Spirit, known for its commitment to natural, additive-free tobacco, represents a choice for smokers who value purity and environmental responsibility. Established in 1982, the brand stands out for its natural ingredients and superior craftsmanship. Newport, introduced in 1957, is synonymous with menthol cigarettes, offering a bold, refreshing flavor. While American Spirit appeals to those who prefer a natural tobacco experience, Newport caters to smokers who enjoy a strong menthol taste.

  • American Spirit:
    • Emphasizes natural, additive-free tobacco.
    • Appeals to smokers who value a pure, organic smoking experience.
  • Newport:
    • Renowned for its strong menthol flavor.
    • Known for a bold, refreshing menthol taste.

Product Range

American Spirit offers a variety of cigarettes characterized by their natural tobacco blends and different strengths, from the mellow American Spirit Yellow to the robust American Spirit Blue. Newport focuses on menthol cigarettes, with varieties like the strong Newport Original and the smoother Newport Smooth Select.

  • American Spirit:
    • Offers a range of natural tobacco blends, each represented by different pack colors.
    • Known for a full-bodied, authentic tobacco experience.
  • Newport:
    • Primarily focused on menthol cigarettes, including the popular Newport Original.
    • Also offers non-menthol options with varying levels of menthol intensity.

Target Demographics

American Spirit appeals to smokers who prioritize natural ingredients and a pure tobacco experience, while Newport is favored by those who prefer a strong, mentholated smoking experience.

  • American Spirit:
    • Attracts smokers who prefer natural, additive-free tobacco.
    • Known for an authentic, pure tobacco flavor.
  • Newport:
    • Targets menthol smokers who enjoy a bold, refreshing flavor.
    • Appeals to a demographic that prefers a stronger menthol taste.

Pricing and Affordability

American Spirit and Newport are priced differently, reflecting their distinct brand positioning. American Spirit tends to be more expensive due to its focus on natural and organic ingredients, while Newport is priced in line with other major menthol cigarette brands.

  • American Spirit:
    • Generally priced higher, reflecting its natural and organic tobacco.
  • Newport:
    • Priced competitively within the menthol cigarette market segment.


The choice between American Spirit and Newport largely depends on personal taste preferences and smoking priorities. American Spirit offers an additive-free, natural tobacco experience, whereas Newport provides a strong menthol flavor, catering to those who seek a refreshing menthol taste.

Please note: Cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. Remember that smoking is detrimental to your health, and the healthiest choice is to not smoke at all.

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