Every Newport Cigarette Type: A Guide

Newport is a brand that has long been synonymous with menthol cigarettes, offering a diverse range of products that cater to a variety of tastes. Owned by British American Tobacco and originally introduced in 1957, Newport cigarettes are primarily manufactured in the United States. From the original menthol flavor to lighter and non-menthol options, Newport has something for everyone.

This guide will breakdown the differences between each type of Newport cigarette to help you make an informed decision on which one best suits your preferences.

Exploring Every Type of Newport Cigarette

Newport Original (Green Box)

Overview: The iconic menthol experience Newport is famous for

Details: Newport Original is the cornerstone of the Newport family. It’s the hallmark of their menthol line-up, delivering a bold and refreshing flavor combined with robust tobacco.

Cigarettes like Newport Original: Marlboro Menthol and Kool Green are similar in offering that classic, strong menthol kick.

Average price: $8 – $12 per pack.

Newport Smooth Select (Black & Green Box)

Overview: Full-flavored, yet striking a delightful balance.

Details: The Newport Smooth Select strikes a chord between intensity and smoothness. It delivers a rich, full-bodied taste while keeping the menthol touch that Newport is celebrated for.

Cigarettes like Newport Smooth Select: Salem Original for a similar blend of full-bodied flavor with a menthol twist.

Average price: $8 – $12 per pack.

Newport Menthol Gold (Gold & Green Box)

Overview: A lighter menthol option that retains Newport’s signature satisfaction.

Details: Newport Menthol Gold offers a lighter menthol experience without sacrificing the classic Newport taste, making it ideal for those who prefer something less intense.

Cigarettes like Newport Menthol Gold: Menthol light smokers might enjoy Misty Menthol Lights as an alternative.

Average price: $8 – $12 per pack.

Newport Non-Menthol (Red Box)

Overview: A bold, full-flavored choice without the menthol.

Details: Newport Non-Menthol in the Red Box is for smokers who want to experience the full, robust flavor of Newport tobacco without the menthol twist.

Cigarettes like Newport Non-Menthol: Camel Filters can be a good option for a similar non-menthol, full-flavored experience.

Average price: $8 – $12 per pack

Newport Non-Menthol Gold (Gold & White Box)

Overview: A lighter take on Newport’s non-menthol range.

Details: Newport Non-Menthol Gold offers a milder, lighter tobacco flavor for those who prefer a less intense smoking experience without menthol.

Cigarettes like Newport Non-Menthol Gold: American Spirit Yellow provides a similar, lighter non-menthol experience.

Average price: $8 – $12 per pack.

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Newport cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Please remember that smoking is harmful to your health, and the best option for long-term health is to avoid smoking.

  • James Corban

    Newport has definitely changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s in a bad way. Been smoking for 30+ years and that has only been the Newport menthol brand and lately, I have taken many surveys relating to removing menthol from cigarettes because it’s addictive for young teens. Reynolds definitely has changed Newport cigarettes within a year. The menthol is not there and the aftertaste is disgusting I don’t know what extra ingredients have been added but I’m sure it’s what the government wanted. Menthol is not addictive and creates water in the lungs so any secretions or phlegm related to smoking can be easily coughed up. I guess people were beating out this pandemic with menthol. I will be bringing this statement to social media everywhere. People have been dedicated at the time to Lorilard because nothing has changed but Reynolds has been a big sellout. You’re not protecting us but in fact, ruining us. Most of the people I’ve known who have smoked menthol cigarettes don’t have a hacking cough from it or pneumonia but now these Newport cigarettes have been altered to define the healthy part of enjoying a menthol cigarette

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