What Kind of Cigarettes Do Actors Smoke in Movies?

In the realm of movies and TV shows, the depiction of smoking has evolved significantly over the years. While smoking scenes used to feature real tobacco products, concerns over health risks have led to the adoption of alternatives for on-screen smoking. Here’s a closer look at what actors are actually using when their characters light up.

Alternatives to Real Cigarettes

Herbal Cigarettes: The most common alternative to real cigarettes for actors are herbal cigarettes. These cigarettes do not contain tobacco or nicotine but are made from a blend of herbs such as marshmallow root, passion flower, cloves, or jasmine. Despite lacking nicotine, they’re designed to look and smoke like real cigarettes, fulfilling the aesthetic needs of a scene without the health risks associated with tobacco. Jon Hamm, known for his role in “Mad Men,” mentioned that these cigarettes taste like a mix of pot and soap, indicating their distinct difference from tobacco despite their similar appearance​​.

Prop Cigarettes: These are specially designed cigarettes that don’t contain tobacco or nicotine. Director David Ma revealed that prop cigarettes, often made from ingredients like rose petals, clover, and tea leaves, are commonly used on sets. Although they visually mimic real cigarettes, the smoke produced can sometimes be enhanced with CGI to make it appear more realistic on screen. This approach allows for the portrayal of smoking while avoiding the health risks associated with actual smoking​​.

Safety and Guidelines

While herbal and prop cigarettes are considered safer alternatives to tobacco, they are not without their drawbacks. For example, herbal cigarettes still emit carcinogens and toxins due to the combustion process. Therefore, even though they’re free from nicotine and tobacco, they’re not completely risk-free. SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union, has implemented strict guidelines regarding the use of cigarettes on set, ensuring that actors are informed about any smoking scenes and that productions adhere to safety protocols​​.

The Future of On-Screen Smoking

The use of smoking imagery in films and TV shows remains a contentious issue due to its potential impact on public health, particularly among youth. Advocacy groups and health organizations continue to push for restrictions on smoking depictions, advocating for the portrayal of smoking only when it serves a significant narrative purpose and is portrayed negatively.

In summary, the entertainment industry has shifted towards using herbal and prop cigarettes to simulate smoking scenes, prioritizing the health of actors while maintaining the authenticity of their performances. Despite these changes, the debate over the portrayal of smoking in media and its impact on viewers continues, highlighting the ongoing tension between creative expression and public health concerns.

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