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Welcome to the latest edition of The Well—a quick-sip breakdown of the stories behind your favorite alcohol brands. Today, we’ll dive into the world of AsomBroso Tequila, a brand that not only boasts an impressive array of accolades but also an unforgettable bottle design that’s as bold and unique as the spirit itself.

The AsomBroso Tequila Story

AsomBroso, meaning “amazing” in Spanish, is a name that aptly reflects the essence of this tequila. Rooted in the rich soils of Amatitán, Mexico, in the heart of Jalisco, AsomBroso has dedicated itself to crafting tequilas that stand out in the ever-growing spirits market. This commitment to excellence is evident in their prestigious honors, including Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” and “Top Tequila” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The mastermind behind this tequila titan is Ricardo Gamarra. Gamarra, an entrepreneur with a rich background in the creative arts industry, ventured into the tequila world with a clear vision: to produce a tequila that resonates with the highest quality and sophistication.

What sets AsomBroso apart is its innovative spirit. Gamarra was the first to market a pink-hued, Bordeaux-rested reposado and to age a 5-year añejo in new French oak barrels. Their crown jewel, The Collaboration, is a testament to this innovative spirit—a 12-year double barrel-rested tequila with a rating of 97 from Anthony Dias Blue in The Tasting Panel Magazine, the publication’s highest-rated tequila.

AsomBroso’s range of tequilas is as diverse as it is impressive, from the award-winning El Platino blanco to The Collaboration Extra Añejo. The latter, retailing at over $1,800 per bottle, epitomizes the brand’s commitment to ultra-premium quality. But it’s not just the tequila that commands attention; it’s also the bottle. Crafted by artisanal glassblowers on Murano Island in Venice, the 18th Century hand-blown decanter is a work of art, with its distinct phallic design making a bold statement on any bar shelf.

Gamarra’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the traditional, as seen in AsomBroso’s partnership with This move opens the doors for tequila enthusiasts to invest in the brand, democratizing the ownership in a market typically dominated by celebrities.

With a presence in 28 states and ambitious plans to expand, AsomBroso is not just a brand; it’s a movement in the premium tequila market. The company’s success, marked by a 750% revenue increase and a staggering 85% reorder rate, is a testament to Gamarra’s vision and the team’s dedication.

In a market saturated with tequila brands, AsomBroso stands out not just for its exceptional quality and innovative aging processes, but also for its bold bottle design—a reminder that in the world of spirits, audacity and tradition can coexist beautifully.

Why I Love AsomBroso

  • Creamy with a distinct taste of creme brulée and caramel.
  • The bottle can only be described as, well, unique.
  • The “La Rosa” tequila is rested for three months in used Bordeaux wine barrels. First of its kind.

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