Every Camel Cigarette Type: A Guide

Camel is a brand steeped in history, known for its distinctive blend of Turkish & domestic tobaccos, with its roots tracing back to 1913. Whether you’re a seasoned Camel smoker or someone intrigued by the unique offerings of this brand, use this guide to find the perfect Camel pack for you.

We’ll explore everything from the classic Camel Filters to the innovative Camel Crush, dissecting what makes each type stand out.

Exploring Camel Cigarettes

Camel Blue

Overview: Signature Camel flavor with a smoother, milder touch.

Details: Camel Blue modifies the original blend found in Camel Filters, providing a softer, more approachable smoking experience. It’s a perfect choice for those who enjoy the Camel essence but prefer a gentler smoke.

Cigarettes like Camel Blue: American Spirit Orange offers a similarly smooth taste.

Average Price: $15 – $17 per pack

Camel Filters

Overview: A classic, time-honored choice offering balanced richness and smoothness.

Details: Camel Filters bring harmony in flavor and texture, featuring a mix of Turkish and domestic tobaccos. This traditional choice delivers a robust, satisfying smoke, making it a favorite among many.

Cigarettes like Camel Filters: Marlboro Red mirrors the balanced, full-bodied experience of Camel Filters.

Average Price: $15 – $17 per pack

Camel Crush

Overview: A mix of tradition and innovation with a menthol twist.

Details: Camel Crush blends the conventional tobacco experience with the option of a refreshing menthol flavor, courtesy of a crushable capsule in the filter. It’s a novel choice for those who like variety in their smoking sessions.

Cigarettes like Camel Crush: Marlboro NXT, similar in its capsule-based menthol offering, provides a comparable experience.

Average Price: $15 – $17 per pack

Camel Turkish Silver

Overview: The epitome of lightness in the Turkish series.

Details: Camel Turkish Silvers offer a very light smoking experience while maintaining the unique flavor profile of the Turkish tobacco blend. These are ideal for smokers who enjoy the Turkish tobacco taste but prefer a much milder flavor and less nicotine strength.

Cigarettes like Camel Turkish Silver: Marlboro Silver provides a similarly light experience.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel Turkish Gold

Overview: A rich, smooth blend with a touch of exotic Turkish tobacco.

Details: Camel Turkish Gold cigarettes blend the aromatic Turkish tobacco with more traditional domestic types, creating a smooth, medium-bodied smoking experience that’s both rich and balanced.

Cigarettes like Camel Turkish Gold: Marlboro Gold offers a similar smooth, medium-bodied smoking experience.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel Turkish Royal

Overview: Distinctly exotic, offering unique flavors and aromas.

Details: Camel Turkish Royal is for those who seek a journey in flavor, featuring rich Turkish tobaccos for an unmatched, robust taste within the Camel family.

Cigarettes like Camel Turkish Royal: Marlboro Blend No. 27 could be a fitting alternative for those seeking unique, exotic flavors.

Average Price: $15 – $17 per pack

Camel Non-Filter

Overview: Unadulterated, robust tobacco flavor. Gets the people going.

Details: For those who prefer their tobacco pure and strong, Camel Non-Filters deliver an intense, unfiltered smoking experience. They’re packed with a bold, rich tobacco blend, making them a choice for seasoned smokers.

Cigarettes like Camel Non-Filters: Pall Mall Non-Filter provides a similarly strong, pure tobacco taste.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel Ultra Lights

Overview: Exceptionally light, minimalistic in taste and nicotine.

Details: Camel Ultra Lights, also known as Camel Silver, offer a very light and gentle smoking experience, with lower nicotine and tar levels. They’re suitable for smokers who seek a subtler, less intense cigarette.

Cigarettes like Camel Ultra Lights: Marlboro Silver Ultra Lights could be a similar choice for those seeking lightness.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel Jade

Overview: A refreshing twist with a hint of mint.

Details: Camel Jade introduces a mild menthol flavor to the classic Camel blend. It’s a balanced combination of the signature Camel tobacco with a refreshing menthol note, suitable for smokers who like a touch of coolness.

Cigarettes like Camel Jade: Marlboro Menthol provides a similar blend of tobacco with a menthol kick.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel Jade Silver

Overview: Light menthol for a subtly refreshing experience.

Details: Camel Jade Silvers are a lighter version of Camel Jade, offering a gently mentholated smoking experience. These are a good choice for those who enjoy a hint of mint without overpowering the tobacco flavor.

Cigarettes like Camel Jade Silver: Marlboro Menthol Silver offers a similar light, refreshing taste.

Average price: $15 – $17 per pack.

Camel 99s and Wides

Camel offers variations on their different types of cigarettes, like their 99s and Wides. Each offers a different smoking experience to satisfy different preferences.


Length: The ’99’ in Camel 99s signifies the length of the cigarette in millimeters. This is notably longer than the typical cigarette length, providing a longer smoking experience.

Taste and Strength: They inherit the classic Camel flavor profile but allow for a prolonged enjoyment of the blend. This length does not necessarily mean a stronger taste but offers more time to savor the tobacco.

Target Smokers: Ideal for those who appreciate the traditional Camel taste but desire a longer-lasting cigarette.


Diameter: Camel Wides are unique due to their increased diameter. They’re not just longer but also literally wider, allowing for more tobacco per puff.

Taste and Strength: This increase in tobacco leads to a richer and more intense flavor, often described as fuller or robust compared to standard cigarettes.

Texture and Burn: The wider circumference also affects the burn rate and the overall texture of the smoke, often leading to a denser, more satisfying puff.

Target Smokers: Perfect for smokers who are looking for a bolder flavor and a more substantial feel in their cigarette.

Camel Cigarette Additives and Nicotine Content

While Camel, like many other cigarette brands, includes additives for flavor and moisture preservation, the specific ingredients vary across products. The nicotine content also differs among various types, but it’s typically not lower than other major brands. For detailed information, always check the product packaging.

Get Camel Cigarettes Delivered with Saucey

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Camel cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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