6 Ways to Turn Up Your Fiesta-in-Place for Cinco de Mayo

No big celebrations this year? No problema!

Typically, Mexican restaurants across the country are packed to the brim with folks commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (which you totally already knew was the reason we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, huh). Considering present circumstances, this year’s Cinco is going to take a little improvising. 

Will there be just-out-of-the-fryer tortilla chips, salted to perfection, alongside seemingly endless dishes of fresh salsa? Or frosty margaritas the size of small boats, consumed during a raucous singalong of “Cielito Lindo”? Probably not, unless you’re lucky enough to be sheltering-in-place in a cantina. 

Quarantine times means this year’s Cinco de Mayo will need to be celebrated with a fiesta-in-place. Whether you’re looking to get a little creative or stick to the classics, check out these starter packs that’ll ensure you’re properly set up to Zoom-cheers your amigos.

It’s Cinco de Make-Do, OK?

The absolute essentials. Also considered to be a balanced meal during quarantine.

You’re Still Welcome, Corona

Reunite the lager with his BFFs. Poor guy’s had a rough go of this.

Party Like There’s No Mañana

Best case: You have excellent tequila on hand & everything is fine. Worst case: The apocalypse eventually arrives, but you still have excellent tequila on hand.

Vamos! Zoom Shots!

Oops. Bad connection. Everyone took theirs, right? Uno más! Uno más!

Don Julio for Don You-lio

Invite the Don over. Because who else are you going to hang out with? 

Una IDGAFarita, Por Favor

You know what helps big time with feelings of existential unease? Several margaritas!

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