5 Staycation Cocktails That’ll *Almost* Make You Forget About Quarantine

If it smells like vacation and it tastes like vacation, that makes it a vacation, right?

Technically speaking, vacation isn’t really a thing right now. But you know what is a thing? Pretending like you’re on vacation when in fact you are very much inside your home.

This can be achieved in any number of ways. For instance, you can drink a vacation cocktail while you sit on your front stoop and get a mean flip-flop tan. Or you can drink a vacation cocktail while you argue with your partner over why they always get the window seat, even though you’re not on an airplane, but still, it’s the principle. 

The point is, you’re going to need a vacation cocktail. That’s the key ingredient to making your staycation one to remember. And good news: We’ve put together some excellent staycation drink ideas that are ripe and ready for delivery.

Blow-Up Pool Party Vibes

Hawaii Is Great, So Is My Couch

Cuba Libre, But Not Very Libre

Party In The Club (Living Room)

When The Buck Will This End?

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