Sixfold: Hand Crafted Beer Carrier

Transporting alcohol is always a tricky problem when figuring out the simplest way to bring a six pack of individual beers to a party. Broken bottles, soggy packaging, and awkward placement always seem to be the meandering culprits of beer transportation. These little issues may not seem like a big deal, but it was the perfect springboard for ingenuity and clever idea-making by Hudson Valley-based company Sixfold.

As a design concept that not only looks beautiful it also solves the simple simple problem of transportating beer from one place to the other. Their current concept is a “fold-and-notch system,” which eliminates the waste associated with production and “invites users to become makers.” Along with being eco-friendly and sustainable there is absolutely nothing to construct yourself, no small parts and of course no sewing required. The laser cut patterns will ship directly to you in a flat container (further eliminating the waste associated with packaging) and will make your craft beer look even cooler when arriving to a tailgate party, picnic or a summer backyard BBQ.


General Manager, Grady Salter of The Hop in Beacon, NY especially likes the relationship between Sixfold and craft beer, because like Sixfold:

That coupled with the kind of grassroots projects popping up all over the country, it’s no wonder Sixfold has already won over many craft beer lovers and beer enthusiasts of every kind. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the local community, Sixfold continues to expand on it’s simple idea that beer, people and great design are always a recipe for great products.


Sixfold is currently on Kickstarter and having already raised half of their goal, we’re betting there are many more people out there that would love their hands on one of these.



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