10 Surprising Facts About Vodka

1. Vodka can be gluten free

Just because you have a gluten allergy doesn’t mean you need to rule out vodka entirely. Vodka is normally produced with grains, but brands such as Ketel One and Smirnoff use corn and or potatoes as an alternative ingredient.

2. The time when Russia ran out of vodka

May 9, 1945 was the infamous day the Nazi surrendered to the Soviet Union. They partied so hard and within 22 hours, they faced a new crisis…they ran out of vodka.

3. Vodka means water

The origin of “vodka” comes from the Russian word “voda”, which means water.

4. The most expensive bottle of vodka is $3.75 million dollars

Meet Billionaire Vodka: triple distilled and filtered through ice, Nordic birch charcoal and sand from crushed gems. The bottle is adorned by diamonds and solid gold labels. When purchased, it is delivered by a secure courier in white gloves. Fancy.

5. Every shot of vodka contains only 90 calories…

Compared to an average 150 calories in a single can of beer. A vodka soda is approximately 70 calories. You can get the recipe to our favorite amazing, low calorie vodka cocktails here.

6. Vodka is lighter than water

1 liter of water equates to 1,000 grams, compared to 1 liter of vodka at 950 grams.

7. Vodka is not just for drinking – it’s for medical use

Imagine you’re on a yacht, sailing through the ocean and enjoying a martini. The water is nice, so naturally you decide to take a dip. You’re swimming, suddenly you feel something brush against your leg, and a shooting pain. Turns out you’ve been stung by a jellyfish. Hopefully you haven’t finished that vodka, because you’ll need to pour that baby over your leg to soothe the pain and disinfect the wound.

8. During World War I, Russia banned the sale of vodka!

As a result, the Russian government lost a third of its income in no time.

9. Channing Tatum has his own vodka

Born and Bred Vodka was introduced to the market earlier this year, and my god it is good. Wondering how it tastes? We’ve rated this one 5 glowing stars – here’s why.

10. Vodka comes in strange flavors

Brace yourself, because this list gets weirder as you read on: Bacon. PB&J. Blueberry Pancake. Buttered Popcorn. Dill Pickle. Fresh Cut Grass. Wild Salmon. SCORPION (and, the bottle actually contains one 😳).


Not sure what to order? We got you! Here is a short list of some of the more popular vodka that our customers love!


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