10 Things all Wine Lovers Need in Their Homes


Wine Shirt

Wine Shirts: For the die hards who know how well drama and wine go together they know theres nothing more fun that getting drunk and living vicariously through television. Perfect for lovers of reality tv, wine, and lazy days at home.

Wine Wipes. If you don’t know what these are… you’re not doing it right. Made with natural ingredients and it includes a mirror. What’s not to love.?

Wine-Scented Candle: If you’re like me, you’ll have about 25 different versions of candle scents in your home, for any given mood. That’s where this item comes in handy; combining both of my moods into one, I can get my wine fix and my scent fix in at the same time. But who’s to stop you from pouring yourself a real glass to go along with the mood?
Wine Slippers: Need I say more?
Red Wine Decanter: When I first heard about wine decanters, I was skeptical. I asked questions like, “well, does this really make a difference?” and, “is it worth it? Wine is wine.” Yes, yes it does. Not only does every adult member in my family have one sort of wine decanter or another, they rave about them. And for my entire family to agree on something is… well, almost impossible. Leave it to wine to bring people together.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace: Why hold a glass when you can wear it? As if we needed another reason to be sold on this item, its possibilities are endless. Essentially, you’re getting your fix without having to hold it, so grab a slice of pizza (or two, you have two free hands now), and kick back.
Endless Wine GlassWhat’s the only thing better than a glass of wine? A bottle. This wine *cough cough* “glass” gives wine lovers their ultimate dream – never having to get up to refill their glass. Count me in :raising_hand:. All you need to do is pour your wine of choice into the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass
Personalized Wine Cork: Any wine lover knows that the worst part about not finishing your bottle is the “friend” who jumps on the leftovers. Keep what’s rightfully yours untouched with this personalized wine cork; my saying of choice? The short and sweet, ‘STAY OUT. MY WINE.’
Academy Award Wine Stopper: Just in time for awards season, this little guy makes me feel almost as special with my own personal award. And the best part? I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home to get my trophy. :smirk:
SipCaddy for the Bathtub: Helps you take the important things where they could never go before: the tub. For a relaxing after-work bath or a quick shower, this shower helper is the ultimate GOAT. Available in six different colors, this marvelous creation allows the relaxation to continue all through the day, hands free.

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