13 Thanksgiving Wines For Under $20

Whether you’re saving up for Black Friday deals, or just like to drink on a dime — no one can complain about a good bottle of wine for less than $20. Check out this list of 13 wines perfectly paired for Thanksgiving, all available for $20 or less and delivered to your door. You’ve got enough on your plate this Thanksgiving, let Saucey bring the drinks.


Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect reason to rock a Riesling. Fruity, flavorful, light and not too alcoholic. Riesling is your most reasonable choice for mass appeal at Thanksgiving. It’s crisp and light enough to combat a heavy meal, while fruity and flavorful enough to cleanse the palate for whatever comes next. Here are a few you can grab for under $20.
The first thing you’ll notice about this bottle is the inviting aroma of honeyed fruit with floral notes. The flavor is a slightly sweet, but not in a clingy way. Just enough to undercut all those savory dishes, while complimenting sweet sides like cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.

Although it’s worth the buy just for the fun bottle, Kung Fu Girl also packs a mean punch (of flavor). This Riesling is chock-full of apricot, kumquat, nectarine and lime flavors. It hits you hard in the middle of your palate and has a long, minerally finish. It’s the perfect partner for vegetables and greens.

This deliciously crisp and vibrant Riesling can take you from turkey to pie, if you’ll let it. Perfectly balanced fruit flavors, complimented by a lengthy finish makes this wine especially easy to pair with. No need to mix and match, this wine will take you all the way.

Hogue is one of the best Riesling’s out there. It’s fresh, flowery, and in the middle range of sweetness. This wine is fruit-driven and food-friendly. It should taste just as good with a a bite of turkey as it does with the sweet cinnamon and cloves in your pumpkin pie.

This Riesling starts soft and sweet, with a satiny texture and creamy flavors. It’ll go well with your dessert, but it shouldn’t be discounted as a dinner wine either. Even though it starts off sweet, it finishes with a bit of citrus that celebrates it’s richness and depth. It’s a perfect compliment to the more savory sides of your meal.


If you’re looking for a red wine for your Turkey Day drink needs, look no further. Although it didn’t originate here, the Zinfandel is known as the “All-American” grape. It’s kind of the perfect metaphor the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, don’t you think? Pilgrims didn’t originate here, but became the foundation for the free-world. A good Zinfandel is full of history, character, and flavor.

Delicate and elegant; this fruity red wine smells like ripe berries and tastes like royalty. Old Vine Zinfandels are made from grapes that are grown on vines old enough to order wine themselves. That’s pretty impressive. What better fit for holiday all about our history?

This one’s almost worth buying for it’s name alone. It’s relatively full bodied, which means it might be a bit of a battle with such a heavy meal. But, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. This ripe and concentrated berry flavored wine is anything but boring. It’s got great texture, moderate tannins, and it’s just smooth enough around the edges to work with turkey and potatoes.

Dry, sophisticated, and affordable, Ravenswood is the perfect Thanksgiving date. Full of fruit flavors and aromas, this wine finishes with a lively acidity that lingers. The balance of fruit flavors with the bite of acidity makes this wine a perfect blend for all things savory and sweet.


It’s not like turkey just met Pinot Noir on Tinder. They’ve got a history, they’ve known each other for a long time. The secret to their long lasting relationship isn’t as complicated as you might think.

With violet, cherry, and raspberry flavors, this is a three-way (of flavor) you’ll want to try on Thanksgiving. It’s silky, breezy and effortless, which is exactly how you’ll feel after a few glasses.

Open this bottle and you’ll be greeted with aromas of black cherry, plum, and even a hint of bittersweet cocoa. It’s got plush tannins and great balance of acidity, making it an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving Day feast.

“In the ring or in the glass, smoother is better!” The perfect motto for this smooth and silky Pinot Noir. It’s light on it’s feet and ready for an action packed match, no matter how many rounds. Perfect for Thanksgiving.

If your family is anything like mine, you might be dealing with more of a beer than wine crowd. Don’t worry, there’s a solution. With Underwood Pinot Noir in a can, you can blend right in with all the beer chugging football fanatics. Also an excellent solution if you’re not sure your host will have appropriate stemware for wine, or you just want a drink with fast and easy cleanup.

Sante is perfect for any celebration. Give thanks for it’s aromatic berries and notes of rose petals. Rejoice in it’s juicy black cherry and plum flavors, accented with tea leaves.


This year and every year, we give thanks for great wine. You can order any of the wines above from Saucey and have them chilling in your fridge in as little as 30 minutes.

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