5 Easy Ways to Drink on a Dime Using Saucey

You roll into the party of the century. I’m talking an; I’m pretty sure I just saw Bieber playing beer-pong with Adele kind of party. But before you can tell the Biebs you thought ‘Boyfriend’ was the bomb, you realize the host has committed the ultimate party foul. They’re about to run out of alcohol.

This is your chance! You definitely can’t let the party die down. Playing beer-pong with a Grammy winner is totally on your bucket list. At least, it is now.

So you do what any self-respecting undercover hero would do. Strap on your cape, pull out your phone, and save the day, the party, and some money. Hey, it’s not like superheroes make a salary.

1. Help Your Friends Drink on a Dime with $10 Off


Chances are good the host is feeling pretty bummed about running out of party provisions. You’ll most likely find them crying quietly in a corner. That’s where you come in. Pull up that Saucey app and select ‘Invite Friends’. Your unhappy host will get a text inviting them to claim their $10 gift. Follow up with this message, ‘I noticed supplies are a little low, you can get more delivered in 30 minutes. Use this code for $10 off, on me.’

Watch from across the room while the relief washes over their face. Throw ‘em a casual wink when they catch your eye, and head back into the action.

30 minutes later, a knock on the door, and there’s a cheer from the crowd. You stand quietly at the back of the party, your cape rippling gently in the nonexistent breeze.

Your job here is finished. It’s time to drink! Now where did Bieber go?

2. Refer Your Friends and Drink ON US

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Tired of the same old bottles, beers and wines you have around the house, you’re dying to try something new. But there’s just one problem… You’ve already got an open bottle of just about everything. You’ve even got that half empty bottle of Pinot on the counter from last night. How can you justify buying more?

Easy, it’s on us.

For every friend you invite to use Saucey, you receive $10 off after they place their first order. So, if you invite a handful of friends, it won’t take long before you’ve made enough to cover whatever it is you’re dying to try.

“But, I don’t want to be one of those annoying people posting referral codes on Facebook.” You say? Don’t worry, it’s not like that. Any time you’re at a party and supplies run low or the office crew decides to day drink, hook them up with your referral code. They get fast, fee-free delivery on an item they were already going to buy. Plus, they get $10 off their first order by using your code. Really, you’re doing them a favor.

You should be rewarded for you good deed. Time to order that drink! Just open your Saucey app to get started.

3. Send A Round On the House


So, you’ve been seeing each other for a while, and it’s finally time to take that next step. Yup, you’re going to meet their parents.

There’s nothing more nerve-racking than meeting your new love’s parents for the first time. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Or do you?

Set the tone before they even set eyes on you by sending a bottle of wine for Mom or some brews for Dad. Using the most recent version of our app on IOS, you can take advantage of our new ‘Send a Gift’ feature. Select from an assortment of free Wines and brews to find just the right fit. Once you choose, you can pay a small service fee to ship your gift, or if they live in our delivery area, it’s on us!  

Your potential future in-laws will get a text saying they’ve got a gift from you, with a link to schedule delivery. Your thoughtfulness, foresight, and that bottle of wine will put them at ease before they even meet you. Only you need to know it didn’t cost a dime.

After knocking the socks off Mom and Dad, you’ll still have two gifts left to send to new Saucey users, on us. It’s a good thing, because that bottle of wine earned you an invite to family dinner night. Here’s hoping Grandma likes a good drink!

4. Wines for $1 (Yes, Seriously)


Although it’s not quite free, you can get a bottle of wine for as little as one dollar using our app. “Tell me more! “ You say? Well, if you live in an area with a BevMo store, you can take advantage of our ‘buy one get one’ deal. Choose from a wide selection of wines and get a second bottle for just a dollar. The best part? Delivery is on us.

I said dollar wines, what are you waiting for?

5. Save on Gift Giving


Ever forgotten a birthday or special occasion until the last minute? Of course you have, assuming you’re human.

And the birthday that slipped your mind happened just so happens to fall on your busiest day of the century. Because, of course it does. What are you going to do?

A quick Google search suggests sending flowers or a gift basket. I guess it’s better than nothing.

You go to work selecting an overpriced arrangement. You click on your cart and start checking out, only to discover an exorbitant last minute delivery fee added to your order. Being forgetful doesn’t come cheap.

But, you know what does? Wine. For the cost of that delivery fee alone, you could get a bottle of wine delivered to their door. Include a personalized note commemorating the occasion, and they’ll think you were planning it the whole time.

Now that’s our kind of drinking on a dime.

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