5 Ways To Upgrade Your Cinco De Mayo Festivities

The day has finally come where you can drink all the margaritas and eat an exorbitant amount of tacos, all in the name holiday.

We already shared our 10 favorite margarita combinations, but if your blender is broken and you are running short on time, here are 5 in-app purchases that will improve your cinco-de-drinko in 40 minutes or less.

1. Casamigos Silver


Yes, tequila may be a little obvious but if you don’t take at least one shot today, you aren’t doing this holiday correctly. Casamigos Silver is a staff favorite with its light flavor and smooth, caramel oaky finish. Add limes and lemons to your cart for extra holiday cheer.

2. Big Bucket Margarita Mix


You’re running late from work and 5 people are on their way to your house with a tray of tacos but you were in charge of drinks… big bucket to the rescue. Just add tequila for a great-tasting batch of margaritas. You can even place it in the freezer for frozen margaritas if you have time.

3. Estrella Jalisco Cerveza "</p

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