Why Drinking While Working Makes You More Productive

So you’ve tried all the proven productivity hacks: You’ve used a Pomodoro timer to keep yourself on task, taken breaks, and meditated for all you’re worth. You’ve even invested in a standing desk and tweaked the thermostat. (Seriously, a room temperature of around 77 degrees can make you more productive — Cornell says so.) And yet you’re still stuck, trapped with a desk full of work that just has to get done.

We have the solution: Your choice of alcohol, delivered straight to your door in 30 minutes or less by Saucey.

Won’t that make you less productive, you ask? Not necessarily! Keep reading for six reasons why drinking while working may be just the life hack you’ve been waiting for.

It Lowers Inhibitions

Struggling with writer’s block? The same aspect of alcohol that gets you in trouble at the bar — because not everybody appreciates a good table dance as much as you do — can save the day by lowering your inhibitions and letting your creative juices flow. And if you’re a die-hard procrastinator, a little bit of inhibition-busting alcohol could be just the thing to get you back to work. That said, it might be a good idea to wait until you sober up before you actually hit “send” on any emails or file any reports.

It Encourages Creative Problem Solving

The University of Illinois has our back on this one. They posit that sometimes too much focus can actually harm your productivity, and proved themselves right with a very small study that showed a mild buzz actually encouraged the divergent, diffuse thinking that helps with creative problem-solving. Then, just to be sure, they went back and did it again. We volunteer as tribute for the next study.

It Reduces Stress and Numbs the Pain

Nobody actually wants to work late, right? If there’s no way to avoid it, you might as well be able to take something that reduces the resulting stress and pain. A few good stiff drinks should do the job.

It Makes Meetings More Fun

Who doesn’t dread those mandatory meetings where lots of ideas get kicked around, but little or nothing actually gets done? That goes double if you have to phone in to the meeting from home. But there are a few upsides to compensate for the bother: One, if you and your colleagues are all just a little tipsy, we guarantee the meeting will be extra entertaining. Two, there’s no need to put on pants.

It’ll Make You Live Longer

Ever have one of those projects that just… wouldn’t… end? When traditional productivity methods just won’t get it done any sooner, the only logical option is to extend your lifespan in hopes of outliving the project. Moderate alcohol consumption can do that. Maybe.

It Preserves a Sense of Normalcy

If you’ve taken work home with you, the disturbance in your normal routine can cause ripple effects that spread to other parts of your life. If you’re the type of person that normally has a glass of wine or beer after dinner just because, maintaining that habit as you work can help you preserve a sense of normalcy, even as you solve company problems on your own time.

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