The 8 Beers Millennials Can’t Stop Buying

Millennials are not only changing the way alcohol is purchased, but what is being drank. Curious what your peers can’t get enough of? Here are the 8 most popular beers ordered with Saucey.

1. Bud Light


They don’t call it America’s beer for nothing.

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2. Stella Artois


Pale and delicate with a bittersweet crisp. We’ll take a Stella (or two).

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3. Pabst Blue Ribbon


Dubbed the beer of hipsters, but still loved by those who despise the fedora clan.

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4. Budweiser


The official description is a medium-bodied, flavorful, American-style lager. But the real definition of Budweiser can only be painted as the first crisp sip out of a cool just-popped can. There’s truly nothing like it.

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5. Pacifico


Taking a sharp turn away from your classic American beer, Pacifico is a Mexican lager with a malt aroma and roasted flavor.

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6. Lagunitas IPA


A unique version of an ancient style. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, the hoppy-sweet finish will leave you wanting another sip. And another. And another.

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7. Corona Extra


It wouldn’t be a Corona if you didn’t pair it with a lemon wedge and some salt. Buyers can’t get enough of this low malt and medium-bodied Mexican Pilsner.

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8. Blue Moon


Grab a tall glass, an orange slice, and let the refreshing Belgian White roll down easy. This classic beer is full of oat flavors, orange peel, and coriander spice.

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