8 Great Flasks to Unashamedly Carry Around

Always be prepared.

I can count on both hands some reasonable reasons to carry a flask: this bonkers election, The World Series, dealing with the temperature drop, to get through the bachelor Ben and his fiancé Lauren’s new reality show, and my favorite: just because.

So we’ve rounded up a few great flasks to add to your collection (you have one, right?) And word to the wise, if anyone judges you for this, consider it a good reason to cut them out of your life.

Prepare your hips and boots because here they are:

1. Binocular Flask


With 8 oz of space in each ‘noc, you can basically have two of your favorite boozes in one flask. That is a BOGO I can get behind.


2. Sunscreen Flask


Yes, people will stare at you when you seemingly drink from a tube of sunscreen but jokes on them because you just discreetly brought alcohol into the concert.


3. Hip Flask


This flask is lightweight, with rounded corners AND comes with a leather fob to attach right to your belt. Wear it proudly, folks.



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4. Mini Keychain Flask


This is like the in case of emergency flask because it only carries about a shot’s worth of liquor…but you never know when you’re going to need a little boost of liquid courage, right?


5. Gameboy Flask


It’s a throwback you can throw back (someone call their marketing department and give them that line, please).


6. Mountain Man Flask


You look rugged as fuck carrying this leather beauty with you. Hand-crafted in Texas and made to look better with time. You’re classy and I respect that.



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6. Shot Flask


If drinking straight from the flask isn’t your jam, this flask comes with a shot glass built into its body. Cue: Shots by Lil Jon


7. Fancy Shmancy Copper Flask (not its real name)


Got a spare $200 laying around to spend on a very fancy flask? Are you single? (Call me.) This gorgeous, copper flask features a ‘historically accurate design’ and is perfect for taking barrel-aged whiskey on the go.


So no matter where or why you’re taking booze on the go, you may as well get one of these flasks and flaunt it.

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