Amazing Alcohol Gifts Under $50

Have you ever been mad at a good, hard, drink in your hand? Yeah, us either. One of the many reasons why alcohol makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating, unwinding, or just trying to forget about turning another year older, it’s best to do it with a drink in hand.

$50 is a pretty decent budget. It’s enough to say; I care. I know you relatively well. And I’m going to put some effort into your gift. But, not too much effort. Like, say maybe a — ‘I’ll think really hard about what to order you while I sip wine on my couch’ kind of budget. We can definitely help with that.

You can send the perfect gift without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, and as always, the shipping’s on us! We even offer a gift wrapping option with a personalized note for only $5!

So, sit back, sip on, and check out these great gifts for under $50. Make someone’s day without breaking the budget (or putting on pants). It’s a good day to be you.

Spirited Gifts Under $50

Need a Christmas or birthday gift for your more spirited friend? Whether they like to turn up with Tequila or wind down with Whiskey, here are some great gifts under $50.

This small batch bourbon is a great gift for any whiskey enthusiast. Elijah Craig let’s each batch stew inside charred oak barrels for over a decade before bottling it up. Small-batch whiskey is appealing to any enthusiast, as it provides a very limited tasting experience. Only a limited number of bottles will be released from each small batch. Once they’re gone, no one will ever taste that specific flavor ever again. Limited, exclusive, and only you need to know it cost less than $50.

If you need a gift for a Christmas or birthday gift for a vodka lover, then you have to get them Tito’s. It’s handmade in small batches using old-fashioned pot-stills like a fine single malt scotch, or a high-end French cognac. Sounds fancy, right? Plus, it’s certified gluten-free, so no worrying about dietary restrictions. They can drink it on the rocks, or use it in pretty much any mixed-drink staple. Tito’s is a totally versatile gift for any Bloody Mary, Martini, or Screwdriver drinker and vodka enthusiasts alike.

This tequila is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is Espolon slow cooked, barrel aged, and delicious… it comes in a really cool bottle. Every bottle contains an artistic imagining of an event from Mexican history. They really capture the core of beautiful and classic Mexican art styles, while incorporating a modern edge. Even if they never drink it, the Day of the Dead inspired art on the bottle will compliment even the most complex collection.

You can’t go wrong with a classic like Johnnie Walker. A brand enjoyed by both newcomers and Scotch connoisseurs, Johnnie Walker is always an appropriate gift choice. Their most complex and longest-aged Scotch’s can get pretty costly. But, they offer the same great quality and consistency fans have come to expect at a much lower cost with their Black Label bottle. A blended whiskey, aged in oak barrels for over a decade, there’s no way this whiskey will disappoint.

Looking to send a gift that’s  a little bit different this Christmas season? Why not an orange liqueur? Oranges are a pretty common Christmas item. Everyone knows the combination of dark chocolate and orange slices is a classic. So why not send an adult version. This stuff is basically orange flavored brandy. A perfect drink to enjoy with all that Christmas candy. Any dessert and drink lover will be sure to appreciate this thoughtful and unique gift.

Whether they’re sippin’ on Gin and Juice, enjoy a Gin Martini, or even a more straight-laced Gin and Tonic, Hendrick’s is a solid Gin choice. It’s not so common that it feels like an obvious choice. It’s just unusual enough to spark intrigue without all the expense. Distilled with cucumbers and rose, this gin’s fresh and floral taste will leave any Gin enthusiast ready for another round.

Wine and Champagne Gifts Under $50

Nothing makes a better gift for any kind of celebration than a really good bottle of bubbly. Whether they like it, red, white, or sparkling, you’re sure to find the right fit for under $50.

You see rappers in music videos drinking it. You see models on Instagram popping bottles of it in the club. You see celebrities toasting with it on yachts. Verve Clicquot Champagne is what success tastes like. Which happens to be musky orchard fruits with dried fig, smokey pear and nectarine. Help ’em celebrate any occasion like the celebrity they are with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne.

Need a gift, but not entirely sure of their preferences? Cover all your bases with one of our cocktail combos. Need a his-and-hers holiday or housewarming gift? Then this combo is perfect. Blending the best of both worlds (beer and wine), this gift-pack serves up to eight people. It includes a bottle of Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon, and a six-pack of Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin. No better gift than craft beer and fine wine, at the same time.

If their mantra is ‘Rosè all day’, then the gift choice is clear. Send them a bottle of Luc Belaire’s Sparkling Rosè. This sleek, black, bottle of bubbly is cram-packed with flavor. Strawberries, blackcurrant, and Syrah give this Rosè a nuanced sweetness. Great for an occasional, or even more experienced drinker.

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