What I love most about Saucey is that at some point, so many people have thought about this concept. If you’ve ever had a drink and wanted another, you’ve most likely said “Wouldn’t it be great if someone just brought me these.” It’s an idea innate to all drinkers, there were guys in the 1800’s thinking about Saucey, even Jesus had to turn water into wine for a wedding that ran out of the good stuff.  It’s already a widely adopted impulse, and now, with Saucey, people can actually have alcohol delivered to them at the push of a button. Easy. Simple.

When we started building this company, we knew a few things:

  1. Coming from a background in the social space where companies live and die by market trends, we knew we wanted to be in a timeless industry. Alcohol has been around forever, and always thrives despite prohibition or recessions. It is immune to trends, and we love the traditional nature of the business.
  2. We knew that we could innovate & disrupt an industry that’s been relatively untouched by technology. Our team has built & sold mobile tech companies. Helped develop one of the largest mobile applications in the US with over 50 Million users. Created and run a successful Bar & Restaurant. Run brand, marketing & PR campaigns for companies valued over $150M, and driven more than 2 Million new consumers a month to mobile businesses. We wanted to bring that background to an industry who’s customer’s need it most.
  3. Both Jay Gatsby and The Kennedys made their money in alcohol. We could have built a mobile analytics company, we could have capitalized on the social advertising boom… but we can’t imagine working on anything more fun than this.

Not only do we get to build what we truly love and use, but we’re helping local businesses drive increased revenues, retain customers, and stand a fighting chance against big box stores. With our background in the Bar & Restaurant business, companies were always pitching some new thing that cost a monthly fee. The problem with that was, their goal was to sign up as many monthly partners as possible, instead of driving business to us. So it was important for Saucey’s model to directly align with our partners. That’s why storeowners love working with us, we only make money when we make them money, with no monthly fees.

We’re the premier alcohol delivery app, and the only complete platform that controls the delivery from start to finish for our users. Meaning, from the second someone drops a pin & places an order in the app, to the moment their order arrives, we make sure they are getting a premium experience every time. We could have followed Seamless, Grubhub or others who have basically built a web form that passes off orders to someone else, but it was important for every customer to have that Saucey experience.

By being the only alcohol delivery service that brings our own driving teams, we are the only one that can ensure quick delivery times, safe delivery, and a premium Saucey offering at the door. Everyone else is just a fax machine, passing off orders to a 3rd party, and they have zero control over the touch point that matters most, the customer experience.

It’s because of our attention to detail, focus on local communities, and control over the delivery experience that our customers love us… and we love them. There’s something special about having a drink with someone, and we feel the delivery of that experience is just as important. You could say that drinking is the oldest and largest social network in the world, connecting more people and building more relationships than any online site.  We love this industry. We’re here to make it easier, safer, and more fun to drink with friends. And I hope you enjoy Saucey as much as we do.

Stay classy. You’re welcome.


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