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Cheers to the Governor is what popcorn reading in your youth was training you for all those years. The objective of the game is simple: count with a group up to 21, trading off each number, but with a twist – certain numbers have unique rules. When the group successfully reaches 21, everyone cheers to the governor, meaning they take a drink and then come up with a new rule.

How to Play Cheers to the Governor

Starting the Game: Players sit in a circle and take turns counting aloud, starting from 1.

Progression: Each player says one number, in sequential order.

Reaching 21: If the group successfully counts to 21, everyone says “Cheers to the Governor!” and takes a drink.

Special Numbers: Specific numbers are assigned special rules (e.g., when a player reaches 7, they might have to clap instead of saying the number). There is usually a number that has a rule at the very start.

Rule Creation: After successfully reaching 21, the player who said “21” creates a new rule for a number that doesn’t already have one.

Mistakes: If a player makes a mistake (e.g., forgetting a rule, saying the wrong number), the group starts back at 1. That player takes a drink.

Suggested Rules for Numbers

  • 3: Player must say “3” in a foreign language.
  • 5: Player does a dance move instead of saying the number.
  • 7: Swap the order of 7 and 14 (say 14 instead of 7 and vice versa).
  • 10: Player must say a movie title.
  • 13: Player must whisper the number.
  • 16: Player must say the number of a different player.

Start-Up Rules

  • Rule Assignment: Begin with two or three pre-set rules for specific numbers to start the game.
  • Sequential Addition: Add new rules gradually, allowing players to get accustomed to the existing ones.


Is there a limit to the number of players?

The game works best with a medium-sized group (5-12 players) but can be adjusted as needed.

Can players opt out of drinking?

Absolutely. The drinking element can be optional or replaced with non-alcoholic drinks.

How long does a game typically last?

The length can vary greatly, but a game typically lasts around 30-60 minutes.

What happens when all numbers have rules?

Once all numbers have rules, the game becomes increasingly challenging. You can reset the rules or keep playing for added fun.

Are there any restrictions on the rules?

Rules should be kept fun and inclusive. Avoid overly complex or exclusionary rules.

Drink Responsibly

As with any drinking game, be sure to drink responsibly. Know your limits and regularly check in with the people around you.

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