12 Mind Blowing Wine and Junk Food Pairings

We all know wine is a wonderful companion for any fancy dinner. But what about those of us whose idea of fine dining includes hot-wings, French fries, and Skittles? Never fear junk-food fiends, there’s a fine wine for those fried cheese-sticks too.

A bottle of wine is an ideal addition to any snack-tivity. Whether you’re eating popcorn at the movies, pizza at the pub, or Doritos in the tub… We’ve got a perfect pairing for you.

1. Champagne and French Fries


Let’s be real. Nothing says “treat yo’ self” more than chilled champagne and a big box of hot, salty, fast-food fries. Both are delicious, indulgent and down to help you finish binging Season 2 of Stranger Things. Seriously though, the bright bubbles and acidity in the Champagne cuts through even the greasiest fast food fries. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this fancy meets fast-food pairing.


2. Popcorn and Chardonnay


If popcorn is your go-to snack, then it’s Chardonnay all the way. The rich butter on the popcorn will help draw out the smooth, nutty undertones of a good Chard. The buttery elements of a Chardonnay compliment popcorn perfectly. The acidity provides a balance for it all. Movie night, meet your new best friend.


3. Skittles and Sauvignon Blanc


Skittles and Wine actually have a lot in common. They’ve both got a thing for berries, but they’re not exclusive or anything, so it’s cool. They both offer a wide variety of flavor, and make a bummer day a little brighter. If you’re looking for a wine to pair with this sweet and sour treat, we suggest a Sauvignon Blanc. The zesty citrus of the wine will bring out the flavors of the candy without over-powering it. The tart acidity will highlight the sour flavors and balance the sweet. You won’t care about the pot of gold when you taste this rainbow.


4. Cabernet Sauvignon and Fast Food Burgers


A fast-food staple and favorite of inebriated people everywhere, the beloved burger. If you’re about to enjoy this greasy guilty pleasure, then pop open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. High in tannins, a Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect partner for all things grilled. Boost the flavor of your favorite fast-food burger with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Hope you didn’t need to leave the couch tonight.


5. BBQ Chips and Pinot Noir

Here is the truly classy wine and junk food pairing you have been waiting for. Although they range from tangy to sweet (and everything between), barbecue chips pretty much all contain yeast extract. When you combine this extract with the earthy flavor of a spicy Pinot Noir, you get a savory Umami flavor that will blow your mind. If you typically turn up your nose at the the idea of wine and junk food, give this combo a try. The flavor combination is more interesting and complex than most junk food pairings. It’ll impress even the snobbiest guest that insists that fine wine is wasted on fried potatoes.

6. Cool Ranch Doritos and Pink Moscato


If you like crunching on Cool Ranch Doritos, then we suggest a Moscato to wash away the evidence. It might sound strange, but it actually works really well together. The fruitiness in Moscato cuts through the cayenne and pairs great with garlic and onions. A sweet and salty snack sensation waiting to happen. You can even try it with Rosè. Throw on your sweats and grab the remote. Let’s do this Netflix.


7. Pepperoni Pizza and Cabernet Sauvignon


Is there really a more classic pairing than wine and Italian food? There’s a fine wine for every fettuccine, but what do you drink with a frozen pizza or day old delivery? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Extract those authentic Italian flavors with a medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. A bold and lively Cabernet Sauvignon will liven up that meaty, cheesy mess.


8. Rice Krispie Treats and Riesling


Adults don’t need a Riesling to enjoy Rice Krispie treats, but it sure doesn’t hurt! This sweet childhood treat is fast, cheap and easy, just like your mom…used to make. You can turn this old favorite into an entirely new experience with a Riesling. The sweet, floral undertones of a Riesling will cling to the mound of marshmallow. While the sharpness will cut through to refresh your mouth for the next bite.


9. Chocolate Cake and Malbec


Wine, chocolate, and cake. These are a few of our favorite things. Pairing wine and chocolate isn’t exactly news. We suggest stepping outside of the traditional Port or Merlot. Pair your next slab of death by chocolate cake with a Malbec. The strong jammy flavor of a Malbec, marked by notes bright cedar flavors, is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate cake. A match made in fruity, chocolate, heaven.


10. Fried Cheese Sticks and Cabernet Sauvignon


What’s better than an ooey gooey breaded and deep fried mozzarella sticks? We’ll let you know if we figure it out. If you’re looking for an appealing wine to drink with this appetizer, we suggest a Cabernet Sauvignon, specifically Orin Swift Palermo. With ripe black cherry, cassis and crushed pepper spice flavors, its full-bodied and intense mouthfeel is a perfect match for a cheesy flavor sponge like mozzarella sticks. Skip the marinara and go straight for wine bottle.


11. Chips and Salsa and Sauvignon Blanc


Chips and salsa might seem better suited for a Corona and lime, but sometimes you just need wine. A crisp, zesty, young Sauvignon Blanc is wine equivalent to Corona and lime when it comes to chips and salsa. If you like your salsa with a lot of spice, try a sweeter Sauvignon Blanc to work that balance. If you like mild, fruity, or even cilantro heavy salsa, a crisp, clean, Sauvignon Blanc is the way to go.


12. Hot Wings and Pinot Noir


Like to enjoy an alcoholic drink with your hot wings, but tired of beer bloat slowing you down? We’ve got the perfect alternative. Put down that mug, grab a glass, and dozen more wings. Pinot Noir is here to save you from a serious snack-astrophy. The fruit, acidity, and spice of Pinot Noir make it a more than suitable sidekick for any hot wing. Try it and you’ll thank us. Say goodbye to beer bloat, and hello to more hot wings.


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