Drink This With That: Pinot Noir + Mushroom & Gruyere Bruschetta

More often than not, you open your Saucey app and order your favorite go-to bottle of wine. It’s to your door within 40 minutes and in a glass even sooner. It’s a love story as old as the iPhone. But for the night when your new flame is seeing your apartment for the first time and you promised to cook her dinner (SO MUCH PRESSURE), it may be smart to pair the meal with a glass that will enhance the flavor. Especially if you are still missing that Michelin Star.

mushroom-bruschetta-2 (1)

Mushroom & Gruyere Bruschetta by Susan Moran

Try this fool-proof recipe for Mushroom and Gruyere Bruschetta (because who doesn’t like cheese?) and a light salad to ensure you aren’t spending too much time in the kitchen. Dishes made with ingredients like mushrooms and truffles taste great with reds like Pinot Noir and Dolcetto, which are light-bodied but full of savory depth.

Disclaimer: We’re not knocking your favorite selection in any way. In fact, we encourage ordering both…after all, what will you drink while frantically cleaning?

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Photo courtesy of Spoon University