Gin Home Delivery

Gin Home Delivery



Are you tired of going out and getting the alcohol mid party? Would a gin home delivery solve your problem? Fear no more, Saucey is the app for you and can be compared to the “Uber” of Booze. In fact, Saucey is so efficient, you can get your gin home delivery in delivered in 30 minutes or less.

Saucey helps you with your gin home delivery by connecting you with local vendors in the area who will deliver your booze. By utilizing the Saucey website or Saucey App you can expedite the process of alcohol delivery and save yourself gas and time. In addition, Saucey’s vendors have multiple types of gin to choose from. We recommend trying them all at some point.

While Saucey is now only available in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago they will be expanding in the future to other markets.


  1. Signup or Login – you can also connect Saucey to your Facebook account for ease of use. For iOS or Android, select the corresponding link.
  2. Select a Drink – Use the menu to navigate to the beer, wine, spirit or mixer you are looking for. Once you have found it, add it to your cart.
  3. Checkout – Proceed to the checkout page after selecting your items. If Saucey does not deliver to your immediate area, you will be able to choose shipping options. If Saucey does deliver to your local area, fill out your contact information with address.
  4. Take $5 off your first order with the code TAKE5 and we’ll be there ASAP.
  5. Your order is on it’s way! Make sure to have your Government issued photo ID ready.
  6. ENJOY

Staff’s Selects Of Saucey’s Gin

Not sure what to order? We got you! Here is a short list of some of the more popular gins that our customers love!

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