Guide to Day Drinking: Survival

Tips to survive day drinking:

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

RULE #1: Be extra careful the night before

  • Once you decide you will be day drinking, it’s best to be reasonably intelligent with your drinking the night before. Pounding back drinks 14 hours prior is always a dangerous line to be walking, and drinking on a hangover is a different challenge in itself. Skip the pain and limit the number of drinks you have the night before, your restraint will be rewarded.

RULE #2: Remember to EAT

  • Don’t pass of eating the night before.Even though this still leaves a full 12 hours before you embark on this all-day endeavor, your body needs this time to prepare for all the beer, shots, and sweet cocktails you’re about to take on.
  • Eat a full and healthy breakfast. It’s game day, so treat your body as such; no athlete would be pre-gaming with two Big Macs and large fries, and trust me, you’re body will thank you later for this.

RULE #3: This is a marathon, NOT a sprint

  • Heading into the day with 3 shots already under your belt may seem awesome at the time, but don’t forget that you have the entire day to get through before your bed is anywhere near sight.

RULE #4: Don’t forget to eat

  • Arguably the most obvious one, food is a necessary component of persisting through the day. Food can be your day-drinking best friend, as it will help prevent a hangover and slow the rate your body absorbs the drinks.
  • And yes, water counts in this rule as well. Without water, chances are you’ll drop faster than anticipated, along with some less-than-fortunate pictures to document the whole thing. If your plan is to day drink to some level of success (meaning you’re not slurring words and falling over in broad daylight), water can aid you in your long endeavor.

RULE #5: Use the buddy system

  • However childlike this may seem, having a friend by your side will help you with a number of things, some being more obvious (i.e. keeping you in check, making sure water and food are being utilized, etc.), while others are less obvious (aka not letting you take that last shot). Keep a buddy around and the both of you will have a better chance at surviving the day… intact.

Good luck, and happy drinking.

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