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Welcome to this edition of The Well, where we dive into the bubbly world of High Noon Seltzers, a brand that’s stirring up the seltzer scene like a well-shaken cocktail.

The Story Behind High Noon

From a market that ballooned from $500 million to $4 billion in just two years, High Noon has emerged as a front-runner. Launched in May 2019 by E. & J. Gallo Winery, a titan in the wine and spirits industry, High Noon brings a level of sophistication and quality to the seltzer category that’s hard to beat.

What sets High Noon apart in a sea of competitors? Firstly, it’s the use of real vodka, distilled five times for unmatched smoothness. This is a game-changer in a category dominated by malt-based or vaguely described distilled spirits. High Noon’s vodka base is a nod to those who seek a genuine, premium drinking experience.

In the better-for-you category, High Noon hits all the marks. It appeals to health-conscious consumers with its transparent ingredient list, featuring real fruit juices without the excess sugar. This approach not only delivers a more authentic taste but also positions High Noon as a preferred choice for those wary of artificial flavors and sugar-heavy options.

The brand’s smart marketing tactics, including a high-profile partnership with Barstool Sports, has effectively catapulted High Noon into the limelight. Contrary to rumors, High Noon remains a proud member of the E. & J. Gallo family, not owned by Barstool Sports, but their collaboration has significantly amplified High Noon’s reach and appeal, especially among Barstool’s 66 million monthly viewers.

Since its inception, High Noon’s portfolio has grown from four to eight tantalizing flavors, with each one more enticing than the last. From the crispness of grapefruit to the tropical punch of mango, every flavor is a testament to High Noon’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and a can shortage, High Noon has impressively expanded its distribution to all 50 states. And for the fashion-forward, their collaboration with Tropical Bros ensures you’re not just sipping in style, but also dressing the part.

Why I Love High Noon

  • The five-times distilled vodka and real fruit juice combo offers a genuinely premium experience.
  • With no added sugar and transparency in ingredients, it’s a smarter choice in the seltzer category.
  • High Noon’s collaborations, like with Barstool Sports and Tropical Bros, shows a brand that knows how to stay relevant and appealing.

Doug Patrick
Growth & Marketing, Saucey

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