Hot Reads and Cold Drinks for Summer 2018

Summer is the perfect time to set down those screens and pick up a book– and a drink, of course. Check out our summer reading and drink list for this summer’s hottest reads and coolest drinks. Whether you’re into romance, baseball, or even stoned sloths, we’ve got something for everyone to read -and drink- this summer!

Romantic-Comedy + Rosé


Sociable by Rebecca Harrington is the perfect summer rom-com. Modern and funny, Sociable captures what it means to be young, broke, brokenhearted — and an unintentional viral internet sensation.

We suggest pairing this modern romantic comedy with a fun, effervescent wine like Babe Rosé with bubbles. Whether you do your summer reading by the pool, at the campground, or just lounging on your lawn, Babe Rosé comes in a four-pack of perfectly portable cans. Plus, it tastes like wine and watermelon Jolly Ranchers had a summer fling that ended in a delicious summer love-child.  

Psychological-Suspense + Red Blend


According to the Washington Post, this is a Sunburn you’ll actually want this summer. They refer to Sunburn by Laura Lippman as “a superb psychological-suspense novel, starring an enigmatic femme fatale”. Sunburn unveils a steamy summer fling that turns into something more– when someone winds up dead.

Intriguing in a way that will keep you coming back for more, Sunburn deserves a drink to match. For that reason, we recommend Apothic Red. A red blend so decadent it’s downright sinful, Apothic Red is the perfect pairing for a suspenseful summer read.

Baseball + Beer


A must read for any sports enthusiast this summer. According to the Washington Post, Why Baseball Matters by Susan Jacoby “pays homage to a sport that seems doomed in this age of distraction”. Can America’s favorite pastime be saved? Sit back, grab a beer, and find out.

No baseball game (or book about baseball) is complete with a good brew. So, in honor of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, we’re recommending a fan-favorite from their stadium, Elysian Space Dust IPA. A deliciously balanced, citrusy West Coast IPA, you can also snag an Elysian at an Arizona Diamondback game at Chase Field. Or you know… on your couch, while you read about the crowded, sweaty stadium.

Comedy + Cocktails


According to the New York Times, The Truth About Animals: Stoned Sloths, Lovelorn Hippos, and Other Tales from the Wild Side of Wildlife by Lucy Cooke is “a surefire summer winner”. Funny and informative, Cooke does an amazing job of making even the simplest facts laugh out loud funny.

For our final pairing, we suggest getting in touch with your animal instincts with a Tiger Paw cocktail. Made with equal parts Southern Comfort, Raspberry Wine and pineapple juice; combine with The Truth About Animals for an uproarious good time.

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