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Welcome to this spirited edition of The Well, where we uncork the legendary tales behind your favorite drinks. Today, we’re pouring out the story of Jack Daniel’s – a whiskey as rebellious as its founder.

The Story Behind Jack Daniel’s

Picture the rolling hills of Tennessee, the kind of place where every whisper of the wind tells a story. In this case, it’s the story of Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel, a name that’s become synonymous not just with whiskey, but with an entire way of life.

It’s 1866, and young Jack, just a boy, is about to change the whiskey world forever. With a recipe that’s as stubborn and unyielding as Jack himself, the Old No. 7 was born. What’s the secret, you ask? It’s the limestone spring water from Lynchburg, TN, a resource so prized, the distillery still stands there today.

Jack Daniel’s tale is one of defiance and determination. Orphaned, despised by his stepmother, Jack finds solace and purpose with Dan Call, a preacher with a penchant for distilling. Under Call’s guidance, Jack’s passion for whiskey turns into a craft, and soon, a legend.

Flash forward to 1904, and Jack’s whiskey is turning heads and winning gold medals at the World’s Fair. It wasn’t just the unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that set it apart – it was Jack’s unwavering commitment to his craft.

But it wasn’t all smooth sipping. Prohibition hit Tennessee in 1910, turning Jack Daniel’s into a renegade spirit. Jack’s nephew, Lem Motlow, fought the law, but when the stills fell silent, the whiskey went underground, all the way to Missouri and Alabama. Yet, something was missing. It turns out, you can take the whiskey out of Tennessee, but you can’t take Tennessee out of the whiskey.

After years of legal battles and dry spells, Jack Daniel’s came roaring back in 1947, right where it belonged – in Lynchburg. And here’s the kicker: Lynchburg is in a dry county. That’s right, the home of America’s most famous whiskey can’t legally serve a drop, except for one commemorative product at the distillery’s bottle shop.

Why I Love Jack Daniel’s

  • My go-to for a whiskey and coke.
  • Each sip is a taste of American History.
  • There’s something thrilling about enjoying a drink with such an outlaw legacy.

Max Pretzer
Growth & Marketing, Saucey

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