8 Delicious, Labor-Free Drinks For Labor Day

8 Labor Day Weekend Cocktails

2020 really made us work for this one, huh?

It’s September, friends. Not really sure how that happened, but we do know this: Labor Day Weekend is upon us. That means it’s time to hit the pause button to honor America’s workforce and everyone who gets their butt out of bed every morning in order to keep the dream alive. 

And let’s be honest: This year has been a lot. A. Lot. Accordingly, you really deserve some time to relax and soak up some lingering sunshine. Whether you’re heading outdoors for some naturey goodness, having a low-key socially distant BBQ, air-cheersing your neighbors from out your window, or taking some solo R&R, we’re here to bring you all the drinks and snacks you need so your Labor Day Weekend can be as truly labor-free as possible. Some good ideas to get you started:

Seltzering Hard > Working Hard

Paychecks are great, but have you ever tried drinking Smirnoff Seltzer in a kiddie pool?

Always Down to Ciroc the Boat

Vodka thinks you make a good pair.

You Invited Marg & Rita, Right?

It’s not a three-day weekend without them.

The Final Summer Fruit Salad

And by “salad” we mean “cocktail.”

Mule Thank Us Later

A Moscow Mule is forever & always a good idea.

Gin Up & Lay Down

That’s your only job on Labor Day. 

Johnnie Loves Ginger

A highball summer romance.

What A Gorgeous Rumset

Such a pretty orange color. And look at all that rum!

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