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Welcome to the latest pour from “The Well”—where we dive deep into the tales that make our favorite tipples truly tantalizing. This time, we’re setting sail to uncover the story behind Malibu, the drink that’s confused many with its coconut charm and laid-back allure.

The Story of Malibu

Contary to what its beachy bottle might suggest, Malibu’s roots are as multicultural as they are intriguing. Crafted initially in the 1980s, this coconut-flavored concoction is more than just a liqueur; it’s a bridge between cultures, continents, and creative spirits.

The journey begins in the Caribbean, where Malibu whispers of its rum heritage. Distilled at the elusive West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. in Barbados, its origins are as mysterious as they are prestigious, linked to a lineage that includes the likes of Johnnie Walker. Yet, tracing its exact birthplace is a puzzle, with Malibu keeping its lips sealed tighter than its own bottle cap.

Enter Thomas Jago, an Englishman with a knack for transforming spirits. Known for creating Bailey’s Irish Cream, Jago reimagined a failing rum named Coco Rico into the Malibu we know today—a testament to his vision and a nod to his legacy alongside Johnnie Walker Blue.

But Malibu isn’t just any rum. Its essence, distilled from molasses and bottled at a breezy 21% ABV, straddles the line between rum and liqueur, inviting us to relax our definitions as easily as it does our moods. And for those seeking a bit more “sun” in their glass, Malibu Black offers a richer, darker, more intoxicating take on the classic.

Globally loved, from the sandy beaches of the U.S. to the bustling cities of Europe, Malibu has danced its way into 3.8 million homes, charming its way through cans, pouches, and, yes, even the competitive arena of the Malibu Games.

So, as you sip on this coconut delight, remember—you’re not just enjoying a drink; you’re savoring a piece of history, a blend of cultures, and a labor of love that’s as complex as it is captivating. Cheers to Malibu, a global citizen in a glass.

Why I Love Malibu

  • Core memory? I drank it on a boat once.
  • Smooth and sweet profile. Great choice for cocktails.
  • Distinctive coconut flavor.

Ryan McCann
Growth & Marketing, Saucey

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