Must-Try Appetizers at Chicago Breweries


Because a salty snack is a good brew’s best friend. Because beer is great but apps are greater. And because sometimes it’s more fun to talk about the eats than the beers.



It goes without saying that this spot offers a very fun and impressive tour, but as they say, after the party it’s the snack-party and this taproom menu doesn’t disappoint. Must try? The Carnitas Nachos. We’re talkin guac, jalapenos, queso fresco, black beans, and other all-stars all piled high and ready to pair up with your brew of choice.

Corridor Brewery & Provisions

Don’t let the vegetable-heavy app scare you away, because if you leave Corridor without trying the Cauliflower & Curds app, you’re a fool. A straight up fool, I say! This appetizer features buffalo fried cauliflower, cheese curds, and a bleu cheese dipping sauce. It’s like buffalo wings’ fancier cousin and it’s drop dead TASTY.

Half Acre

You know how sometimes at breweries the food is a very obvious after-thought? That is definitely NOT the case at Half Acre. I would list the nachos as the must-try BUT since I don’t wanna seem like a nacho-obsessive (although I definitely am), I’ll highlight the hush puppies. But, honestly, this menu updates often and you truly can’t go wrong.


Pork buns pork buns pork buns! While I would eat basically anything you put on a hawaiian roll, this app is fantastic. (Runner up: their poutine).

Revolution Brewing

Sometimes the most simple snacks are king. That’s why I love Revolution’s bacon fat popcorn. We’re talkin’ parmesan, bacon, and crispy sage—aka once you pop you won’t  wanna stop.

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Sure, most people flood in for beer and pizza, but if you’re in an app-y mood, the must-try is their Warm Spinach & Tomato dip. It’s made up of mozerella-alfredo sauce, with shredded spinach and diced tomatoes and comes with Brobagel chips to dip on in there.

So there you have it. If it’s cool to be a beer-snob these days, how much cooler is it to be a beer-snack-snob? (Don’t answer that.) Enjoy!


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