Our Favorite Breweries: Chicago

Chicago may be called the Second City, but when it comes to beer they are second to none. With over 65 breweries within the city limits and 137 more in the suburbs, Chicagoans have plenty of brews to choose from!

Whether you’re in the Windy City for a visit or just looking for a new favorite brew, we’ve got the inside scoop on all our favorite breweries in Chicago.

Revolution Brewing


Photo Credit: Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing is Illinois’ largest independently owned brewery and a definite favorite of locals and Windy City tourists alike. Located Northwest of downtown, in the heart of the Logan Square neighborhood, the Revolution Brewpub is a great place to grab a beer and a bite to eat.

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Half Acre Beer Co.


Photo Credit: Half Acre Beer Company

Half Acre has been a local favorite since they started brewing on Chicago’s North side in 2009. Head over to their taproom to try out their seasonal offerings or skip the samples and go straight for the Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. By far our favorite, Daisy Cutter is lush, dank, and a definite must-try for any Pale Ale lover. Plus, you can get it delivered any time!

Metropolitan Brewing


Photo Credit: Metropolitan Brewing

Metropolitan Brewing got their start in the Ravenswood neighborhood on the North side of Chicago in 2009. With German style lagers that will leave you thirsty for more, we can’t get enough of Metropolitan Brewing!

Although there’s ample flavors to choose from, our favorite Metropolitan Brew is their Flywheel Pilsner Bier. A beautiful balance of hops and malt, get it delivered now!

Goose Island


Photo Credit: Goose Island

We couldn’t talk about our favorite breweries from Chicago without giving Goose Island a shout-out. The craft beer pioneers over at Goose Island have created a delicious menu of seasonal and year-round beers that have found their way into fridge again and again.

We recommend trying their urban wheat ale, 312 (named for the local area code) for a true taste of Chicago.

Chicago Style Beer

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