The History of Russian Standard Vodka

There are few brands in Russia as widely recognized and held in as high regard as Russian Standard Vodka. It is possibly the most beloved liquor in the country.

Russian Standard Vodka’s origin

The story of how this brand came to be is a unique one. The company is founded by billionaire oligarch Roustam Tariko. Legend has it that Tariko grew Russian Standard Vodka with a clever marketing scheme designed around a separate banking company.

Tariko named a developing bank of his, “Russkij Standart,” in an effort to get around television broadcast guidelines and advertise vodka legally. Consumers would hear commercials promoting the Russkij Standart Bank and subconsciously be thinking about Russkij Standart Vodka.

However, there is some controversy over whether this account is true. Originally, this tale was brought forth by a marketing instructor named Max Lenderman, who authored the book “Brand new World: How Paupers, Pirates and Oligarchs are Reshaping Business.”

Lenderman claims that Tariko intentionally started the Russian Standard Bank as a way of avoiding Russian censorship laws. This story was cemented into the legacy of the brand once Lenderman was featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio show, “Under The Influence.”

Regardless of Tariko’s true intentions, one thing is for certain: he created an absolute powerhouse of a vodka brand. As suggested by its name, Russian Standard Vodka has truly become the customary vodka of the country.

This brand and its products have a deep-rooted history that goes back hundreds of years. Today, we’re going to be examining how this brand was able to beat the odds and become the face of vodka in Russia. Continue reading with Saucey to learn more.


What is the history of Russian Vodka?

In Russia, drinking vodka is a popular part of the culture. In fact, vodka is generally considered to have been invented in Russia and is designated as the country’s national drink. There’s some contest over whether vodka originated in Poland or Russia, but either way, we know that it’s been around in both countries for a very long time, possibly as early as the eighth or ninth century.

There’s even a myth that this age-long drink was actually invented by the same person who invented the Periodic Table of Elements: Professor Dmitri Mendeleev. When he first created the principles of creating vodka in 1854, Mendeleev was working as a lowly professor at the University of St.Petersburg.

While he didn’t actually invent vodka, his contribution to the world of vodka is unmatched. His work can best be described by this formal statement by Russian Standard Vodka: “Professor Mendeleev’s philosophy on equilibrium and natural order led to the identification of the perfect balance between water and alcohol, which underpinned the original Russian Empire Standard set by Tsar Alexander III in 1894.”


Where Is Russian Standard Vodka Made?

The company headquarters are located in Moscow, but the original distillery can still be found in St. Petersburg.

Over the years, vodka has been modified and modernized extensively. Brands like Russian Standard Vodka have completely revolutionized the industry, creating the highest possible production standards for their vodka.

According to Russian Standard Vodka, the water from their vodka is exclusively sourced from glacial water found in Lake Ladoga. The winter wheat is sourced from Russian Steppes. Then, the vodka is sent through the distillation process over 200 times.


How Russian Standard Vodka Is Made?

The brand claims to employ Professor Dmitri Mendeleev’s original recipe but with a modern spin.

The most profound aspect of their production process is their distillation. All of their vodka passes through the distillation process over 200 times to filter out any impurities. This tedious process ensures the cleanest consistency possible.

The filtering process includes Russian birch charcoal filters, Urals Mountains quartz crystal filters, and silver filters. By using a variety of filters, the final product ends up with a smooth, subtle taste rather than a sour, bitter one.

After the vodka is distilled, every bottle is labeled with a Certificate of Origin. These certificates are issued by the Russian government. This certificate guarantees that the quality of the product is high and that it is an authentic Russian product.

Few other vodka companies go to such lengths to ensure a clean texture in their products. This intense distillation process is one of the many reasons why Russian Standard Vodka is considered the top drink in Russia.


Russian Standard Vodka: Taste And Smell

The taste and smell profile of Russian Standard Vodka is unlike many of your conventional vodkas. The reputation of vodka is a punchy, foul-tasting spirit that burns your throat and nose—not in the case of Russian Standard Vodka, though.

In terms of aroma, Russian Standard Vodka smells similar to bread or wheat. It’s an enjoyable aroma and doesn’t smell too strongly of alcohol, which is a common culprit of cheap vodkas.

You can really smell the winter when you put your nose up to the bottle. There’s a slight grain texture in the aroma, as well as some sweetness.

The taste of Russian Standard Vodka isn’t overbearing either. It’s not the easiest spirit to drink because of its high alcohol content. Yet, compared to most other vodkas, it’s very smooth. It is slightly bitter, but that should be expected out of any Russian vodka (if it’s real, of course). It is not harsh at all, though, so much so that those who enjoy a bold, mineral taste when drinking vodka may be disappointed.

After swishing it around in your mouth a bit, you can taste the notes of bread and wheat that are so apparent in the smell.


Russian Standard Vodka: The Aesthetic

The Russian Standard Vodka bottle is pretty basic. If you were browsing through the shelves of a liquor store, you might not even notice it among the other bottles.

It’s pretty clear that this brand is not concerned with gimmicky packaging or flashy marketing tactics. It simply features a black and silver label printed in the Russian alphabet.

The aesthetic of the vodka itself is also fairly basic. It is essentially see-through, with practically no sediment at the bottom whatsoever. With how much attention is paid to the filtration process of this vodka, you would expect it to be that clean.

When you pour this vodka into a glass, it is completely clear. If you swirl it around a bit, you might be able to see a light coating forming on the inside of the glass.


Mixing Drinks With Russian Standard Vodka

With how clear and smooth Russian Standard Vodka is, it is a great component of any cocktail. It is not too strong to the point that it overwhelms your drink, nor is it so weak that it can’t be felt.

This vodka works well with martinis, and it is delicious with any fruit juice cocktail. If you’re looking to add some layers to your drink but want to avoid that burning sensation that vodka usually provides, this is the best option.

Another option is the White Russian. In a lowball glass, pour some vodka and a coffee liqueur. Give the drink a solid stir until the two ingredients are fully mixed in with each other. Then, add some cream on top. And voila! You have a beautiful White Russian.

Unlike some cheap vodkas, mixing Russian Standard Vodka into other drinks won’t make you sick. In addition to being a fairly low-profile vodka, Russian Standard Vodka is also very clean.


Popularity and Relevance

According to a statement by the manufacturer in 2001, Russian Standard Vodka sells over two million cases of vodka a year. The company is active in 80 different markets across the globe.

Their marketing campaigns are centered around preserving Russian culture and tradition. The brand uses a fully Russian recipe, all Russian ingredients, and produces the bottles purely in Russia. Most of their advertisements emphasize a mantra of being “100% Russian.”



Overall, Russian Standard Vodka is a renowned name with years of quality service to back it up. Not only is their production process top-notch, but they also have been in business for countless decades.

Furthermore, it is a much cleaner drinking experience than other vodkas. Vodka is notoriously bitter. Some people even compare the taste of vodka to nail polish, which really shows you how terrible some of these cheaper vodkas can get.

With Russian Standard Vodka, you can enjoy vodka how it was meant to be. You should be enjoying drinking vodka, not enduring it.

The vodka is also fairly inexpensive, and you can easily find it on Saucey. If you’re located near or in any major city in the United States, we probably deliver to you!

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