Saucey Merges With Cannabis Delivery Service, Emjay

Saucey has launched cannabis delivery

ICYMI: Life got exponentially better recently. That’s because we merged with Emjay, a cannabis delivery platform that’s pretty much like Saucey, but for weed. This means with a few taps on your device of choice, alcohol and cannabis can materialize on your doorstep in short order. Like magic. Lance Burton could never.

And here’s the second-best news we’re going to drop right here: If you’re already set up on Saucey, you’re pretty much set up on Emjay. Just head over to Emjay and use your same Saucey login and password to create an account and get some weed delivered. 

Too. Easy. 

And if you’re not signed up for Saucey yet, what are you waiting for? Weed delivery? No excuses anymore. 

Why should you use Emjay for cannabis delivery?

Here’s what you can expect from getting cannabis delivery with Emjay:

Dispensary prices.

Yep. You’ll pay the same prices as you would if you actually got off the couch and went to the dispensary. 

Free delivery.

Because you deserve it.

All the best brands.

Flower, edibles, prerolls, vapes, accessories—all products offered on Emjay adhere to the most rigorous testing and safety standards. 

Fast delivery.

Opt for ASAP delivery between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, or schedule a delivery for the near future.

You’re already ready.

Use your same Saucey login & password to create an account in seconds.

Get money off your next order on Saucey and Emjay

And now for the best-best news: Once you’re set up on Emjay, your account will automatically have a free $10 to spend on getting weed delivered to your front door for the first time. In other words, we’ve made it so incredibly easy for you to get cannabis delivery that you really can’t not. Time to teach Lance Burton a thing or two. (Just a heads up, though, that due to “the law,” you’ll have to checkout on Saucey and Emjay separately, and your orders will arrive separately as well.)

Cannabis Product Guide

Seasoned Saucey user, but new to cannabis? We’ve got some A++ ideas of where to begin:

Sherbinskis Mixed Berry Gummies

Delicious as can be, and with 5mg per gummy, you can ease into the good vibes at your preferred pace.

CANN Social Tonics Grapefruit Rosemary 6 Pack

Attn: cocktail lovers. Find a new way to buzz with these CBD and THC-infused easy sippers. With just 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, it’s a supremely mellow vibe that you can customize by cracking another can or two.

Kikoko Sleep Mints

Let your subconscious test the waters first with these mints that contain 2mg each. Start with one and see how quickly Mr. Sandman comes to see what’s up.

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