Can You Send Alcohol As A Gift?

Can you send alcohol as a gift?

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas, holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation (from college, of course!), work promotion, or a getting-fired-was-really-a-blessing-in-disguise gift, we know just the thing: alcohol.

While we might be just slightly biased, the gift of good spirits is pretty much the only 100% fail-proof present that exists. And luckily for you, Saucey makes sending alcohol as a gift incredibly easy.

Check out the best gifts for wine lovers, the best gifts for beer lovers, and the best alcohol gift sets for some seriously inspired gift giving.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to gift that special someone, Saucey Gifts offers a couple of different ways to send alcohol as a gift:

ASAP Alcohol Gift Delivery

Need to send some alcohol as a gift to mom sooner rather than later? Or a bottle of the good stuff to your boss or co-worker before EOD? We’ve already compiled a collection of the best alcohol to send as a gift. For ASAP delivery, pick out your gift and add it to your Saucey cart as you normally would.

During checkout, select the “send as a gift” box, and you’ll be prompted to enter all of your recipient’s info. You can schedule a specific window for delivery (someone over the age 21 with a valid ID is required to accept it) or allow the recipient to schedule a delivery time (just a heads up that they’ll get an email asking them to schedule a time, so they’ll find out about the gift at that time).

Send a gift card for alcohol delivery

Not sure what your giftee’s drink of preference is? No problem. Get them a Saucey gift card instead, and let them make the tough decisions.

Send LOTS of alcohol as a gift and corporate ordering

Need to send like, a whole boatload of alcohol to an office party, a family, or a team? Our team can help you create the perfect, customized bulk alcohol gift; drop us a line at [email protected].

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