Sierra Nevada

These days there are a lot of beers out there for your average bar patron to try and it can get a little overwhelming deciding what you want with all of those choices. That being said, one of the best beers around is Sierra Nevada. This is a beer that is made with passion and vigor. Using only the finest of ingredients, the brewmasters at Sierra Nevada responsibly craft a variety of beers that hold the consistency and quality that you’d expect from such a mature brand. How long have they been making beer? The answer might surprise you!


Sierra Nevada was founded in 1980 by Ken Grossman, who fostered a love for the craft after learning how to homebrew from his friends father when he was younger. With this in mind he continued to hone his skills and lay the foundation for his company. At the time quality hops were hard to come by. Did this stop Ken? Of course not! Instead he traveled straight to Yakima, WA to source his hops directly from the farms. If that’s not dedication, i’m not sure what is.


The genius behind the brew has watched his business grow and through hardships and trials discovered the best way to share his passion with the world. Their mission states “Inspired by the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, our beers are designed to be as bold, wild and unwavering as those storied granite peaks. With respect to tradition and an unbridled passion for innovation, Sierra Nevada beers are inspired by the philosophy that anything is possible. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of craft beer and we look forward to the day that flavorful beers are the standard throughout the world.” Wow. With a commitment like this, It’s no wonder Sierra Nevada saw such success since their founding. This is precisely why they are such a good choice no matter what kind of beer you’re looking for. Thinking about buying some Sierra Nevada already? Well, the good news is that you don’t even have to leave your home.


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