8 Cocktails That Say “Summer Isn’t Over ‘Til I Say It Is”

It’s 2020. There are no rules.

Here’s the thing about this year: Time has never moved so slow. But also it’s somehow almost September? Whose idea was 2020, anyways?

While we can’t control whether summer is technically almost over, we decided we can choose to ignore that fact. Because why not? This summer offered us literal fire tornadoes, more social distancing, record-breaking heat, and lightning storms so massive Thor’s having a real identity crisis right now. 

We’re going to go ahead and offer everyone another cocktail and keep enjoying summer as long as possible. Because you’ve earned it. Several times over.

Hard Seltzer For Easier Days

Whoever invented hard seltzer low key deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

More Like Mo-Heat-O, Amirite?

Cut us some slack? This kind of heat can push anyone to make terrible dad jokes.

Let’s All Just Rum Out the Clock

Way more fun than actual running.

Summer Fruit Salad, But Make It Vodka

Don’t you just love stone fruit season?!

Keep the G&Ts Coming For the Rest of 2020

How is it possible that there are still 37 months left in the year?

It’s Another Tequila Sunrise (& Nobody’s Judging)

Sunrise. Sunset. What is the sun even doing all the time?

When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Whiskey

How did the original idiom get it so wrong?

Crush Highballs & High Temps

Nothing can stop you. Except maybe a fire tornado. 

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