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Welcome to the latest edition of The Well, a collection of 4-minute reads about the drinks we love. On tap this week: Victory Brewing.

The Story of Victory Brewing

Victory Brewing Company’s tale is a testament to friendship, shared passions, and a journey from humble beginnings to becoming a craft beer icon. Founded by lifelong friends Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, who met in fifth grade and later pursued brewing studies in Germany, Victory’s story is rooted in a deep appreciation of brewing traditions and a relentless pursuit of quality.

Their brewing journey began in earnest with a fateful Christmas gift in 1985 – a homebrew kit that sparked their shared venture into beer-making. This partnership, born out of a mutual disdain for their initial career paths and a love for craft beer, saw them traverse Europe’s finest brewing cultures, leading to the inception of their own brewery.

Victory’s name, emerging from a moment of frustration and hope, encapsulates their journey’s essence – a story of overcoming challenges and achieving dreams. They opened their doors in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, in 1996, selecting the location for its pristine water source, essential for their high-quality beers.

Over the years, Victory Brewing has grown into a prominent figure in the craft beer scene, known for its diverse and unique beer offerings. From the HopDevil and DirtWolf for hop lovers to the Prima Pils, a nod to traditional brewing with a bold American twist, their beers have garnered acclaim and a loyal following.

Now part of Artisanal Brewing Ventures and continuing to innovate while respecting their roots, Victory Brewing stands as a beacon of craft beer excellence, constantly looking ahead to the next chapter in their brewing story.

As we raise our glasses to Victory Brewing, let’s toast to the spirit of innovation, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of brewing perfection​​.

Why I Love Victory Brewing

  • Their lagers are amazing. The braumesiter pils and prima pils as well as their single hop pils they make for the CBC are some of the best beers in the country.
  • Great brewery and one of the best producers on the East Coast.
  • Victory Brewing’s commitment to quality ingredients shines with every sip of their beers.

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