Swisher Sweets Flavor Guide

The Swisher Sweets brand has long been celebrated for its diverse range of flavored and affordable cigarillos. With a history of delivering quality tobacco products, they’ve continuously expanded their flavor offerings, including both regular and limited edition varieties. Their appeal lies not just in the range of flavors but also in the consistent quality they maintain across their product line.

Swisher Sweets Flavors


The quintessential Swisher Sweets experience, offering a sweetened tobacco flavor. Perfect for those who prefer subtle sweetness to more powerful flavor options.

Unsweet Diamond:

A no-frills option for purists, these cigarillos forego added flavors for the natural, robust taste of tobacco. Ideal for those who prefer their smoke unadorned.


A delightful blend of tobacco with a sweet and tangy grape flavor. A popular and classic choice for those who want a fruitier cigarillo experience.


These cigarillos combine the rich taste of tobacco with a burst of fresh blueberry flavor. A refreshing choice for smokers looking for a sweet, aromatic smoke.

Green Sweets:

An invigorating blend with a hint of mint, adding a cool, crisp edge to the tobacco flavor. Perfect for a refreshing and smooth smoking experience.


Infused with the sweet, juicy essence of peaches, these cigarillos offer a delightful and aromatic smoking experience, reminiscent of a summer orchard.

Tropical Fusion:

A vibrant mix of exotic fruit flavors, these cigarillos transport you to a tropical paradise with every puff. Ideal for those seeking a sweet, vacation-like escape.


Rich tobacco meets the sweetness of strawberries. A great choice for those who enjoy a berry-infused, aromatic smoke.


Exotic mango flavor melds with quality tobacco to create a unique, tropical smoking experience. Perfect for those who enjoy bold, fruity notes.

Banana Smash:

Part of the Sweets Encore Edition lineup, Banana Smash is a playful blend of banana flavor with traditional tobacco, offering a sweet, unique twist. Ideal for those looking to add a fun, fruity flavor to their smoke.


A smoother, more refined smoking experience, these cigarillos offer a subtle flavor profile. Great for those who prefer a milder, less intense smoke.


Combining the rich taste of tobacco with creamy chocolate, these cigarillos are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy a dessert-like smoke.

Sticky Sweets:

Part of the Sweets Encore Edition product line, Sticky Sweets are a sweet, caramel-infused option, blending the rich flavors of tobacco and sticky caramel. Ideal for smokers who enjoy a decadently sweet experience.

Coastal Cocktail:

A limited edition flavor, offering a unique, cocktail-inspired experience. Perfect for those looking to try something new and adventurous.

Maui Pineapple:

Tropical pineapple flavor meets quality tobacco in this sunny, vibrant blend. A great choice for those craving a taste of the tropics.


Another limited edition flavor, blending unexpected and exciting tastes for a unique smoking experience. Perfect for the adventurous smoker.

Purple Swish:

This variant brings a mysterious, yet delightful berry flavor to the traditional tobacco base. Great for smokers seeking a fruity, yet enigmatic taste.

Coco Blue:

A limited edition flavor, Coco Blue combines the tropical essence of coconut with a hint of blueberry, offering a unique and refreshing smoke.

Boozy Watermelon:

Another special release, this flavor brings together the juicy, sweet taste of watermelon with a subtle hint of liquor, creating a fun and summery smoking experience.


How many Swisher Sweet flavors are there?

There are 11 standard flavors. However, this number varies a lot because Swisher frequently introduces special releases like Coco Blue, Swerve, Coastal Cocktail, and Boozy Watermelon, to add to the extensive variety.

Are there Swisher Sweets without flavor?

Yes, Swisher Sweets provides a non-flavored option, the Unsweet Diamond cigarillos, catering to those who prefer the pure taste of tobacco without any additional flavorings.

Are Swisher Sweets cigars or cigarettes?

Swisher Sweets are classified as smaller cigars or cigarillos. They are distinct from cigarettes as they are typically wrapped in a tobacco leaf or a paper containing tobacco, aligning them more with cigars.

Are Backwoods stronger than Swishers?

Backwoods are considered to be stronger than Swisher Sweets. Backwoods are known for their robust tobacco flavor and are also popular for being easily unfurled and repurposed for other smoking methods.

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Swisher Sweets’ extensive range of flavors caters to a wide array of preferences, offering something unique for every smoker. From classic tobacco tastes to adventurous, fruity blends, their cigarillos are designed to provide a satisfying and diverse smoking experience. 

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Swisher Sweet cigarillos contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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