The Aperol Spritz is So 2017, Here’s 3 Drinks You’ve Got to Try for Summer 2018

It was fun while it lasted and we had a lot of good times, but it’s officially time to tell the Aperol Spritz it’s over.

No need for the break-up blues, Saucey’s here to hook you up. Check out these three drinks that are sure to keep you satisfied all summer long!

1. Cynar Spritz

According to Esquire, when it comes to cocktails this year, it’s out with the fruit juice and in with the veggies. So, it only makes sense that the new Spritz of choice should be made with Cynar.

Cynar (pronounced, chee-nar) is a bitter Italian liqueur well known for being made with artichokes. Closely related to Aperol and Campari, Cynar is the dark and mysterious cousin you can’t wait to find out more about.  With bold notes of bitter orange, cacao, clove and pepper, this is one Spritz you’ve got to try this summer.

For even more Cynar action, use it in place of the Campari in your Negroni for a refreshing new twist!

2. Angry Orchard Rosé

In Spring of 2018, Angry Orchard launched a brand new line of wine inspired hard cider called Angry Orchard Hard Cider Rosé. Made with rare, red flesh apples from France, Angry Orchard Rosé has an apple-forward flavor and finishes like a dry wine.

A refreshing marriage of two of our favorite things, this hard cider rosé was made for sipping in the sand, on the boat, or at any backyard barbecue. Plus, it’s gluten-free, making it a great option for any summer get-together.

3. Franciacorta

Need a little sparkle in your summer? Us too! This summer, instead of the traditional champagne or prosecco, we suggest trying a Franciacorta!

Made from a combination of grapes typically used in pinot noir and chardonnay, the bubbles in Franciacorta come from it’s second fermentation inside the bottle, just like Champagne (the bubbles are injected in Prosecco, like in soda).

Franciacorta was one of Italy’s best kept secrets, enjoyed at the most fashionable parties in Milan, but now you can get it delivered to your door. Whether you’re celebrating summer or just need a refreshing glass bubbly goodness, Franciacorta is the way to go this summer!

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