The Best Apple Pie Sangria

How to make an apple pie sangria

We know what you’re thinking: apple pie sangria sounds…amazing. You’re right on the money with this one, my friend. Warm apple cider and hot chocolate aren’t the only drinks to get you through autumn this year. In fact, indulging in this apple pie sangria might even be the start of a new fall tradition – it’s just that good. 

What you’ll need

    • 1 pitcher
    • Knife
    • Cutting board
    • Measuring cup



  1. Dice up three apples and place them into the pitcher. 
  2. With the measuring cup, measure out ½ cup green apple vodka, ½ cup caramel vodka, and 2 cups apple cider. Pour into the pitcher. 
  3. Open up your bottle of Moscato and slowly pour and stir into the pitcher.
  4. Throw in 1 cinnamon stick. 
  5. Put pitcher into the fridge and let sit for 8 hours. 
  6. After 8 hours, and just before serving, pour in 1 cup of club soda. 
  7. Pour mixture into a wine glass. 
  8. Sip, smile, and bask in the best sangria you’ve ever made. 

You did it, and really – it’s that easy. So, the next time someone argues that you can throw anything into a pitcher and call it sangria, tell them they’re absolutely right, and then introduce them to this simple, sweet, and boozy apple pie sangria.

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