Tom Collins Recipe

Tom Collins Recipe

Tom Collins Recipe

Learning to make the classic cocktail

The Tom Collins recipe, much like the Screwdriver, is a drink that every competent bartender should know how to make. It’s a classic drink, and personally I have yet to see a bar that doesn’t know how to make it. So, let’s teach YOU how to do the Tom Collins recipe!

2 oz. gin

2 oz. club soda

½ oz. simple syrup

¾  oz. lemon juice

1 cup ice

A single lemon wedge

Put roughly one and a half cups of ice into a Collins glass (this is aside from the ice in the recipe.) To make the cocktail more delicious, store the glass in the freezer beforehand. Put the lemon juice, simple syrup, and Gin into a cocktail shaker.

For the gin I recommend something classic, like Tanqueray or Beefeater (fun fact: beefeaters are what the royal british guards with the funny tall hats are called.) Add the ice to the shaker, cover, and shake until it’s all chilled. Strain the mix out into the chilled Collins glass. Top it off with club soda, and finish off by placing the lemon wedge on top. Bam! Classic Tom Collins recipe!

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