So You Want To Brew Your Own Beer…

You’re a craftsman. You’re above buying ikea shelves. You know craft beer better than most. You’ve been at least once for a professional shave. You camp in the woods and don’t bring matches or flashlights because you prefer a challenge. And now you want to brew your own beer.

Ok, or maybe you are none of those things and brewing your own beer just sounds like a good time. We get it. So we sent out our team to research the best ways to start brewing your own beer at home and they unanimously agreed that your new hobby should start with a beer kit.

Yes, brewing beer is easier than you imagine, but it’s not without hard work and dedication. Most individuals who brew beer once quit after their first time. And who can blame them when beer can literally be delivered to your door?

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Maybe a kit doesn’t excite you as much as your own Breaking Bad-esque lab in your home, but our experts advise starting slow. Dip your toe in to this new found hobby and there’s always room for upgrade. We’re breaking down the 5 most popular beginner kits on the internet and what you need to know before purchasing.

Box Brew Kits

Difficulty Level: Requires sobriety, attention to detail, and patience but the ingredients are delivered to your door and pre-measured.

Time Commitment: Time brewing plus at least 30 days

What They Don’t Tell You: More often than not, you need to buy tools not included in your kit. That is unless you have industrial size pots and pans in your kitchen already. Another unspoken rule? You would be better off having a partner with you during the process.


Mr Beer How Brewing Kits

Starting at $42.95 and not exceeding $174.99. While not the most aesthetically pleasing, Mr. Beer solves two continual issue that beer brewers complain about: cleanup and transfer. That spigot is the secret to keeping it’s devoted fans happy. Many other kits require pouring from pot to funnel to bottle and without the help of a friend and a steady hand, can result in quite the mess. There’s also a DVD if you’re up for it.


Box Brew Kits

Bow Brew Kits are by far the most aesthetically pleasing option for brewing beer. Because of the temperature sensitivity, your brewing project can’t be tucked into the garage and hidden. Unless you have an air conditioned garage for your Lamborghinis, in which case why isn’t your butler reading this for you? Box Brew Kits also has a multitude of original flavor packets to meet any taste and each ranges in difficulty. The price starts at $69 and goes up to $229 (and that’s before investing in any flavor packs).


Williams-Sonoma Beer Making Kit

One of your easier options that can be picked up locally, but don’t be fooled by the $39.95 price tag and beautiful glass jug. You’re missing most of the tools and a few ingredients just to get started. If you’re in it for the process, this won’t provide much of one as this is one of the easier brews. Great for someone who has most of the tools already in their kitchen and only wants to try this once.



West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

According to our reviewers, this Uncommon Goods option is a step above the Williams-Sonoma option in both flexibility, customization, and difficulty. The Kit will run you $45 and the refills $20, plus another $30 if you want to bottle it.


Man Crates

By now you’ve realized what can make or break a good beer kit is what’s included inside the package compared to how much you want a creative hand in the process + how much you want to spend. Man Crates stands apart from the crowd thanks to already having the brew pot and bucket included. It continually received the best reviews by consumers because it truly is an all inclusive kit at $149.99.


So what do you think: would you grab one of these kits? Or is it easier to opt for delivery?

Feature Image: Uncommon Goods

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